Reasons Online 8 Ball Pool is Better Than the Traditional Table Game

Reasons Online 8 Ball Pool is Better Than the Traditional Table Game

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There is no doubt that 8 ball pool is one of the most popular online and mobile-based billiard-themed pool simulation games today. It is an entertaining, exciting, and delightful indoor game that is mentally stimulating and skillfully challenging for its players.

The game comes among the top ten games in the top 100 games downloaded for online play. 8 ball pool download is readily available online and in the app store, making it easy to access on all Apple devices, easy to play, and ultimately so much easier to perfect your skillset. Just grab your gadget and look for a spot of your comfort, and you are comfortably connected to the world of 8 ball pool.

Online 8 ball pool is unquestionably great as an online game. Still, the discussion here is why it is so much better than the traditional table game of pool billiards with a cue stick in hand, staring into the eyes of your opponent player. There are multiple reasons for that, which are as follows:

  • Provides The Player with a Comfort Zone: The most crucial pro point of any online gaming is its players’ comfort. In these troubled times, where a global pandemic has made normal activities like going out for a game and a drink with friends nearly unimaginable, online games like 8 ball pool and others are a comfort to every player who loves the gaming aspect of any social gathering. But even if we take out the pandemic issue, there remains a fact that throughout this world, there are people who are introverts and socially awkward, people who do not like to go out and meet other people face to face. Still, they are more comfortable with the outside world behind the anonymity the internet provides for them. The online version of 8 ball pool and other games is a dream come true for them.
  • Comes with Numerous Additional Features: Another impactful thing about online gaming is that it comes with additional features missing from real-life games at the pool tables. Online 8 ball pool gives the player a realistic gaming experience and a user-friendly interface that helps them win more games than they would have in a face-to-face gaming situation. Although the gaming world has changed drastically recently, according to Huffingtonpost, there are now state-of-the-art pool tables that can give online gaming features a run for their money. However, they still clearly have limitations regarding access and use and because they are time and money-consuming to build, test, and set up, making the online 8 ball pool the winner.
  • Can Play The Game Anytime, Anywhere: With our busy lives today, the pressure we deal with on a day-to-day basis, isn’t it tiresome and mind-numbing when we have to wait for our daily workday to end before we can chill out and just let go? And then the extra chore of finding a place to meet up with friends or just looking for a place where we can play some pool or shoot some hoops and traveling to said place before we can finally be free. That is the relief that online games such as 8 ball pool and others provide us with because they take out the time and location equation. With no barriers holding us back, we can unwind anytime, anywhere, whether while taking a short break from work or in the middle of the day or just getting up from a nap and recharging our brains with a good game.
  • Comes with Earning Option: Online Gaming also comes with a pretty earning option tied up neatly in a bow, and the online version of 8 ball pool is no different. It gives us, the players, the opportunity to earn cash prizes and rewards doing the thing we love best and can do well enough without a boring office desk job situation within a specified time. Although not legal in every state in the USA, it is legal in a few where its numbers are growing substantially as another way of income.
  • Adds Benefits to the Brain: There are numerous benefits of online gaming, detailed in multiple sites and articles online, especially playing an online 8 ball pool that helps the brain function most proficiently. One of the most positive impacts on a player’s mental abilities is improving their focus and cognitive skills. It teaches the player how to multitask quickly and efficiently because the time given in the online game to act and keep pace with the opponent is significant, less which helps in an excellent way to develop the player’s presence of mind.


Real-life situations give us the practicality of any given circumstance. Humans are social animals by nature, and we need a communal touch in our lives to keep us from going insane. No online game can ever take our need to form bonds and socialize over drinks, dates, and games together in a society. That being said, solitude is also necessary in today’s world because the background noise sometimes becomes too much to handle.

Online gaming, especially playing 8 ball pool online, is often therapeutic. It takes out our frustrations and stress, and it gives us the chance to be ourselves while keeping in touch with society. It provides us with the therapy we need without plunging us back into the world that we are uncomfortable with on so many levels. They help us sharpen our minds and bring back the focus that we need to go through our day, relieving us of the extra stress burdening us. In recent times, online gaming has been a boon of our existence rather than a bane.