Ranking the Best Classic Arcade Games

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Although there are various different types of games now possible to play, you cannot help but think that some of those who first entered the industry all those years ago were among the best to have ever existed.

For numerous generations of players, a trip to the local arcade where you could find some of the newest games to play was what most looked forward to each week. You would be able to go to a venue and play on several different machines and look to try and compete for the high score against other players.

While there are numerous games that allow that to happen today, the nostalgia that can be enjoyed by these titles can often be unrivaled for individuals of a certain era. But what are some of the best to have ever existed?

Street Fighter II

Arguably one of the best to have ever existed, and almost impossible to deny the No. 1 spot, Street Fighter II could be the game that paved the way for arcade gaming to be as successful as it was. Capcom’s release in 1991 allowed players to pick a character to fight against others with. It introduced a range of graphics that were colorful and ahead of its time, as well as a story, too. Its impact on the industry has been felt, as titles still continue to be produced. There is also a slot game that can be found at the online casino CA site, highlighting its importance and status as one of the best arcade games ever.


Everyone has heard and knows what Pac-Man is, which is why it has to be considered one of the best arcade games ever. Despite having been released in 1980, it is still as popular with arcade goers almost 45 years later. The game features a simple concept, which is why so many enjoy it, as it requires a little bit of skill. It also remains addictive, which is something that games struggle to achieve after a few weeks nowadays, let alone four decades.

Donkey Kong

Another cult hit and a favorite for arcade enthusiasts, Donkey Kong is another title that is renowned around the world. It was released just a year later than Pac-Man (1981) and has achieved the same success. Players were introduced to Mario and Donkey Kong for the first time as they were the Italian plumber and had to try and avoid the barrels that were thrown by the primate.

Space Invaders

One of the first games to have ever been created, Space Invaders still remains a classic and favorite with players today. It is 45 years old in 2023, but its concept remains as addictive as those who played it when it was first released found it. Again, much like many of the first games to have been released, it was created with a simple premise that required players to shoot all the aliens before they reached the bottom of the screen. Its place in history is unquestionable, especially as there have been games that have been inspired by it when releasing their own titles.