Quorb by Minimal Studio is a puzzle game where players have to roll the colored sides of the "Quorb" over the same colored Targets.

In this game you controll a Dice, the "Quorb". The goal of each level is to roll the colored sides of the "Quorb" over the same colored Targets.


  • 24 Levels
  • great Soundtrack (
  • Simple and great Graphic Style
  • Simple Controls

Prepare to exercise your brain. Quorb is difficult!

I have never been good with Rubix Cube and... yes, I can't even solve one side of a Rubix Cube! Pathetic, I know! Many people have tried to teach me the method to solve a rubix cube, but they all failed!

I feel that this is one of the reasons that I am struggling hard with this game. Much like Rubix Cube, I am sure there are methods and processes to solve the puzzles. It is a matter of understanding the effect of moving and rotating the box.

Rubix Cube totally frustrates me since I was very young. Quorb may frustrate me as well. However, much like Rubix Cube in which millions of people enjoy playing it, I can foresee that Quorb should also attract many puzzle gamers globally. So, go ahead and try Quorb, who knows, maybe Quorb can be the next Rubix Cube!

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