Pyk Pyk Wacky Monsters

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Pyk Pyk Wacky Monsters by Sebastian Haba is a challenging puzzle game to move the wacky monsters to the blocks with stars.

One of the top Indie Games of 2014!
Pyk Pyk gameplay involves a simple one touch play through which you move monsters on blocks marked with stars. The more swift, efficient and logical you are, the more stars you will collect within the 60 seconds.

Pyk Pyk: wacky monsters has fifty beautifully crafted and designed stages with different difficulty levels. Graphics are engaging and beautiful. The monsters in the game are also quite eloquent in terms of their facial expressions.

Can you resolve all puzzles?

Pyk Pyk: wacky monsters great features:

  • Single touch original gameplay
  • Fifty well-planned levels
  • Simple, engaging and beautiful hd graphics designed to support both Phones and Tablets!
  • Share you score in social media
  • Learn how to play in simple to follow tutorial

Join the action and download Pyk Pyk: Wacky Monsters now.

In a glance, Pyk Pyk may look like a box sliding game like Sokoban or Flow Match. However, once you play it, it is clear that Pyk Pyk is not the block sliding game. Instead, the game will throw an animal vertically or horizontally based on the direction you swipe. It will not stop until it hits an obstacle. The idea is to land these animals right on to the stars.

If you have not played a puzzle game similar to Pyk Pyk in the past, it will take a little while to get your brain to get used to the mechanic of the game. However, once that hurdle is past, Pyk Pyk quickly becomes greatly enjoyable.

Overall, there is a reason why Pyk Pyk is included in one of the top indie games in 2014. It has a relatively fresh concept and the puzzles are mind-bogglingly good. So, if you are a puzzle fan, I would recommend that you give this game a try.

  • Google Play game Services integration to store your Achievements
  • Designed to support both Phones and Tablet

Pyk Pyk Wacky Monsters