PvE vs PvP in WoW: which is better?

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World of Warcraft has had this division of content since its early days: PvE and PvP. The former stands for player-versus-environment, while the latter means player-versus-player. These 2 types of content are not unique to WoW: this division is ubiquitous in video games and most focus on either of them while some offer both experiences. WoW is of that kind that has both but it’s quite obvious to most players who have played it for some time that the game is immensely PvE-focused. Does it mean that PvP players should not even consider playing it? No. But don’t expect PvP to be as popular here as it is in some openly PvP-focused MMORPGs like Guild Wars 2, for example. Anyway, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. In this article we’d like to take a look at the decades-long debate – which should you do in WoW: PvE or PvP?

What is PvE in WoW?

PvE is the primary focus of World of Warcraft and we have lots of various game modes for it. The most popular game modes for PvE are:

  • Raiding
  • Dungeons
  • Open world activities
  • Pet battles

There are also lots of minor ones like island expeditions, Torghast, and others – most of them exist in the limbo of being a part of the legacy content that few players remember about. But there are still people who keep coming back to their garrisons or farms in Pandaria – it’s just their idea of fun and why shouldn’t it be.

Raiding and dungeons are the primary types of content for team PvE. You are supposed to have a group of other players by your side to participate in those activities. The number of those players varies: it’s 5 total (you + 4) for dungeons and 10 total minimum for raids (can go up to 30 players). Needless to say, they are the hardest PvE activities. Being successful in either of them makes you a respectable person in the game!

That doesn’t mean that other PvE activities are for losers. No, just like any other thing you do inside a game, they can just be fun to do and that’s exactly why you play games, don’t you? So if you just like exploring the Dragon Isles or doing world quests with the Niffen, why should you not do that? That’s also PvE and you’re welcome to enjoy it as you like.

What PvP activities are there in WoW?

PvP is a bit less represented in WoW and the 3 main activities for it are:

  • Arena
  • Battlegrounds
  • Open world PvP

The Arena is the most popular and most PvP fans spend their time there. Be it 2v2, 3v3, or solo shuffle, they just have fun fighting a team of opponents in a special instanced small zone. The arena has its rankings ladder and you can climb it to get better rewards. It’s quite hardcore in its nature since you have to deal with real players most of which are quite experienced. You have a small team: it doesn’t exceed 3 players – and your personal contribution is very important. That’s why this mode is so demanding.

Battlegrounds share the contribution among a bigger number of players. There’s also a non-ranked mode for them that lets you have fun and collect honor points for better PvP gear. The ranked version of battlegrounds is not really popular, to be quite honest. Some players enjoy it but they are not the majority of the player base so don’t expect it to be too easy to find a team for this thing.

Finally, open-world PvP is a somewhat less defined category that includes all kinds of PvP activities that take place in the open world. The previous 2 modes take place in instanced areas – that is, for example, it’s just 3 players vs 3 players and no one else can access this area. Open world means that everything is happening in the open – anyone can participate, anyone can stop doing that, and so on. Some world zones have dedicated PvP objectives for fans of this kind of thing – you will mostly find them in the older zones like those in the Outland or Northrend. But some newer zones feature some similar mechanics too: consider Nazjatar for example.

Which of PvE and PvP offers better rewards and experience?

Frankly speaking, both offer quite a great experience to anyone who knows what they are doing. Getting wrecked is no fun in both though. So you should just find something that suits your game preferences and stick to it. If you like learning more about all the classes in the game and you don’t mind seeing the same scenery over and over again – PvP might be quite fun for you. While if you want more diversity and don’t really enjoy fighting other players – raids or dungeons might be your cup of tea. Your preferences also might change with time so try different things and you’ll have a better idea of what you like.

As for rewards, you can obtain great upgrades in both too. Both PvE and PvP modes offer a great variety of powerful gear and weapons for your character. The great vault system makes it even easier to prepare yourself for bigger challenges in either. And the best part is that you now don’t need a separate equipment set for either. You might not even understand that last sentence these days. But the thing is that there used to be a clear distinction between PvE and PvP gear. PvP gear had a variety of its own stats. Those were resilience, PvP power, PvP defense, and many others. Blizzard had many takes on that. Thankfully, now we are free from those differences and can have any gear for any activity we enjoy. So make sure to enjoy it all to the fullest!

Which game mode should I try first for PvE?

We’d say that dungeons are the way to go in 2023. They are easier to pick up and offer really outstanding rewards. Mythic Plus dungeons are the most popular game mode right now – but it’s not just about fitting in with the popular. It’s just the most modern PvE experience this game has right now and the developers treat it with particular love. You should start with lower levels of Mythic Plus dungeons. And when you think you’re ready to proceed to higher ones, consider hiring a pro team to accompany you. Thus it will be easier to deal with the challenges they will offer. Find ArmadaBoost’s best solutions for WoW dungeons in their official catalog right here: https://armadaboost.com/wow-boosting-services/dungeons-carries

What game mode should I try first for PvP?

It’s less clear which one is most accessible here, to be honest. Arena is the most popular but it’s quite demanding. Battlegrounds are easier but they are also more chaotic. Open PvP is not really something you can just try – you might participate in it if you’re lucky to get in a situation where it’s possible but it’s not what you should start with, of course. So we’d say, do arenas or battlegrounds. Solo shuffle arenas might be a great choice. Normal battlegrounds are great to get the taste of it too. So just do some exploring with it. As for getting help – and it might be really important with PvP – you can always browse ArmadaBoost’s PvP WoW boost category on their official website to learn more about how we can be of help to you. Don’t be shy to get carries for PvP – having some guidance is never bad!