Puppy Stew

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Action Arcade El Jay Play Flash Promoted Collection Retro

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Puppy Stew by El Jay Play is a game where players save puppies from becoming a stew by beating the vilain in their own mini-games.


  • LEFT and RIGHT keys to run
  • X to Jump
  • SPACE to Whistle
  • UP and DOWN to navigate menu
  • P to Pause
  • Q to quit a witch game or to show title screen

No no no... this is not about a game on how to make a puppy stew. It is, in fact, the opposite! The game starts where you are moving to a new place and find your neighbour looking for his puppies. As you wake up and investigate, you find a house full of puppies and a witch who's ready to make a stew!

You are the hero to save the puppies. Play various mini-games against Vila to save one puppy at a time!

Aside from the adorable theme and cute pixel art style, Puppy Stew boasts more than 35 different mini games which are a blast to play. Each mini game pits you against the computer's AI. Having played more than half of the mini games, I am impressed at what Puppy Stew has to offer. The control is tight all mini games plays smoothly.

Finally, the game is, surprisingly, quite long. I can't say much more, or otherwise, I will mention spoilers!

Overall, Puppy Stew is amazing. I would definitely love to see this on mobile! Don't miss this one out!

Puppy Stew

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