Preview – My Friend Pedro

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My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas by DeadToast Entertainment is an upcoming side-scrolling acrobatic platforming shooter lead by Pedro the banana, with heavy influences from games like Max Payne and films like The Matrix.

*** Please do not proceed if you are under 17 as this game contains violence and blood ***

A gun in each hand, time slows down. Spinning through the air after backflipping over your enemies oncoming bullets. Mid-air you squeeze the triggers. The danger has been neutralized… For now. Pedro, your friend who looks to be a flying banana, appear out of nowhere and lets you know what the next step is. You obey and soon find yourself in the middle of another dispute only solvable with blood, bullets and some very impressive acrobacy.

My Friend Pedro will be released on Windows, Linux and Mac.

We don’t generally cover games that do not have a browser playable version. However, once in a while, there are a few games that caught our attention so much that they deserve to be on PlayPlayNews section!

As you can see from the animated GIF above and video below, My Friend Pedro is going to be an action-pack game with lots of physics, acrobatics and theatrical elements of the Matrix movie!

Based on the screenshots and animated GIFs that are currently available to view, it is clear that this game features some of the best acrobatic and physics work in any game out there. It is too easy to get excited over this game and a lot more difficult trying to hate it! This is definitely going to be top in my must buy/try list when a playable version is available.

Features to expect:

  • Slow down time
  • Dual gun wielding
  • Acrobatic action (plenty of it)


If you want more information about this game, please go to the development blog.