Preview – Light of Life beta by Otterworks

Preview – Light of Life beta by Otterworks

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Light of Life is developed by Otterworks who are the team behind a casual game Fall of Cutie and an arcade game Escape Velocity Space Shooter games.

The Universe… Once everything was clean and empty. Then something special happened in a supernova. Strange seeds of life appeared in the space, and a tiny bit of light, a special spark, to bring life to the universe. The seeds have found their way into the planets and asteroids, grown into Life Trees, waiting to be awakened. The light just have to find them and wake them up to spread the Life.

Right from the start, you are treated with a visual treat of a story about a galaxy far far away. The story tells you about what is Light of life based on the story mentioned above.

The core gameplay can be divided into 4 different parts:
1. Galaxy Menu
This serve as the main menu of the game where players navigate to the planet they want to visit

2. Planetary Menu
This serve as secondary menu of the game where players choose the cave that they want to explore and wake up the tree of life

3. Cave Exploration
This is a 3D runner game where players must navigate through a rocky cave. Avoid rocky road blocks while trying to collect life seeds and activate life crystals along the way to generate more life seeds.

4. Tree of Life Awakening
Once you completed navigating the cave, you will arrive at the tree of life. This part of the game feels like an arcade game where you have to shoot the bottom of tree of life with seeds. As the seeds is activating, you will face an enemy that will shoot you. Defend yourself and shoot the base of the tree once it is ready for the next seed.

Our favorite part of the game is the cave exploration. This is because there are quite a few things to do while navigating the cave. You will want to activate every life crystals, not only because it produces more seeds, but also it will beautifully light up the cave based on the color of the seed you use to activate them.

So, here are our opinion about Light of Life game:

– Beautiful 3D graphics of galaxies and planets
– Fast-paced cave runner game
– Multiple gameplay type in one game
– Unique gameplay and storyline

– Possible to get repetitive after while
– No option to activate the tutorial again, which leads to some confusion during gameplay

In summary, Light of Life is has a unique game concept combining several gameplay elements into one. However, being unique also means that there must have a clear tutorial to educate gamers how to play the game.

Do you agree with our assessment? Try Light of Life beta version by contacting Otterworks at