Preview – King of 20 Game for iOS (September 3rd, 2015)

Preview – King of 20 Game for iOS (September 3rd, 2015)

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UPDATE: You can now enjoy King of 20 game on iPhone and iPad!
UPDATE 2: A new update is in the works and coming soon to fix typos issues

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PlayPlayFun is excited and patiently waiting for King of 20 game for iOS. King of 20 is a board game and was created in March 2011 and it is relatively new to the board game scene. However it is rapidly gaining popularity. For more information about King of 20 board game, please visit King of 20 website. They have done a good job providing all the information that you need about their board game.

Now, why are we excited to see King of 20 game for iOS? Here is my top 5 reasons why we are excited to see King of 20 app:

  1. We love board games, better yet, we love board games on devices. You know what this means. No clean up after playing! But, read up on the article for tips on how to organized and more productive.
  2. King of 20 requires you to keep track of scores. Playing on device will definitely automate this process
  3. Much like chess, thinking and strategizing are required to win
  4. Core gameplay mechanic is easy to pick up
  5. Doing math is a form of Brain Excercise. King of 20 will have a whole lot of Math!

From what we have seen, we have not seen some of the things that we want to see. Maybe it is still under development, but here is our wish list that the game would have:

  1. Multiplayer – challenge anybody all over the world
  2. Various difficulty modes
  3. Android version
  4. Customizable game skin colors

Please comment below if you have questions to the developer. We will keep this post updated as we receive more information from the developer.
Stay tuned!



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