Preview Eatvasion Tower Defense Game

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Recently, PlayPlayFun spent sometime to preview Eatvasion Tower Defense Game. Eatvasion is developed by JamCastle who are the team behind the highly popular Time Cube 2 and Escape From Darkness games.

So, what is Eatvasion? The game is best described using Star Wars reference. Imagine that you are Darth Vader using his force to control incoming missiles to destroy hostile planes. You can also control and move enemy planes to make them collide with each other. As the pilots escape the explosion, it’s time for Sarlacc to gobble up the hapless pilots!

Yup, I think that’s a perfect description of Eatvasion’s gameplay! So, here is top 5 reasons why you should try Eatvasion:

  1. Unique Gameplay
  2. Ability to control planes and missiles to destroy enemies
  3. Easy to pick up and learn
  4. Reading different pilots’ last words
  5. Tight control

How we think the game can improve:

  • More ship types, currently they have 5
  • Combo scoring – eating multiple pilots should score more
  • Tower upgrades

Currently the game is in BETA version. You can sign up as a beta tester of this game. Beta testing will be closed 10th September 2015
Release Date: September 2015

UPDATE: Developers confirm our suggestions may be available as updates in the future