Preview Download – HomeSide Farming Simulator

Preview Download – HomeSide Farming Simulator

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HomeSide is not a new online casino site, but it is a faming simulator game similar to the grand-grandfather of the cult classic Harvest Moon back from the 16-bit era of gaming. Currently, the game is still under heavy development and the downloadable demo may include a few bugs here and there. However, the demo is very much playable and enjoyable, but it still has some rough edges that need to be trimmed out. It serves its purpose to show what it has and can offer in the future.

HomeSide will be available on PC only. Release date is currently not available, but you can follow Rookie Jet Studio on Facebook and Twitter to get updates.

Developer’s description:
HomeSide is the tale of a boy who grows into a man, not by fighting monsters or conjuring demons but by simply rising to the task of saving the family farm and helping the mayor revive the barren farm town by helping your fellow townsfolk.


  • Spend in game currency to unlock more shops and stores in game!
  • Build relationships with your villagers and marry one of the four eligible women!
  • Villagers have daily routines!
  • Run and sprint but make sure to refill your energy bar
  • Grow vegetables and plants at your farm
  • Fishing!
  • Attend festivals throughout the year!
  • Raise chickens and cattle!
  • And more!

Download HomeSide v1 Download HomeSide v1 Players’ Guide