Preview Download – Demetrios game

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Demetrios game is a point and click adventure game reminiscing the great games of the genre like King’s Quest series, Leisure Suit Larry series and Space Quest series. So, why are we excited about Demetrios game? Well, it is a point and click adventure game. Everyone should be excited for any point and click adventure games!

But seriously, playing point and click game in my childhood taught me valuable skills and attitude not to give up easily, but instead, it insists to explore more, click more and think out of the box more. I remember the time when I got stucked in Leisure Suit Larry game, but the game drew me to keep exploring and exploring and… well, let’s just say that I explore Leisure Suit Larry a little too much back then when I was growing up 🙂

Demetrios game reminds me of those great games in the past. It has unique graphic style. It has attitude. It has humour. You name it! Demetrios is definitely a game that I would keep an eye on. Download the demo below which has roughly 2 hours of gameplay covering all chapter 1.

Windows Mac Linux