Premium Profile on LinkedIn

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The best social media website for professionals is LinkedIn. Some people have successfully used LinkedIn to get work. Others have used it successfully to find talented professionals. However, can people achieve more with LinkedIn as premium members? Is paying for a LinkedIn Premium account worth it? Buying a premium subscription plan is like hot spot za darmo. You cannot tell the actual benefits of having such a plan until you buy it. Before you can do so, let us take this moment to educate you about LinkedIn Premium.

The cost of being a premium user

If you already have a free LinkedIn account, you might have received several requests to upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium account. If you have never bothered to check the cost of each monthly plan, here is a summary:

  • Premium Career – The cost of this is $29.99 per month
  • Premium Business – This will cost you $59.99 every month
  • Sales Navigator Professional – The cost for this plan is $99.99 every month
  • Recruiter Lite – This subscription plan costs $139.99 every month.

The costs we have listed above do not account for taxes in your region. Additionally, you can upgrade your plan or cancel it when you feel like it. If you have adequate savings, you can purchase a LinkedIn Premium plan for one year to save some money because the annual plan is cheaper. Another good thing about LinkedIn Premium is that it offers a trial period. During the trial period, you can explore the features available to you.

What features does a Premium account offer?

The first set of features the account provides is available to those who buy the basic Premium Career plan. First, you get five InMail messages each month. Secondly, you can see where your searches have appeared and who has viewed your account in the past three months. Thus, you can connect with a user without being in their group or having past correspondence. Other features include Applicant Job recommendations, Applicant Insight, on-demand learning videos, interview preparation tips, and Additional Salary details.

Those who buy the Premium Business plan can receive up to fifteen InMail messages each month. They can also get more information about unlimited people searches and businesses. The Sales Navigator Pro offers more advanced search filters, allowing users to get twenty InMail Messages per month. Other things you can do and people with cheaper plans cannot are making notes on user profiles and using many sales tools.

The Recruiter Lite plan has more advanced features than any of the other three plans. Besides thirty InMail messages per month, users can use powerful job search tools. They can also access projects and recruitment features.

Is buying a LinkedIn Premium plan worth necessary?

If you seriously want to find a job in your sector, consider buying a premium plan. You can start with the basic Premium Career plan because it is cheaper and ideal for finding new connections and jobs. The InMail feature allows you to interact with the people who can help you without connecting to the first. It can save your time and bring you closer to a job opportunity than a free profile ever would. Although you cannot run many people searches with your Premium Career profile, it is still a great place to begin.