Poker Trends to Watch out for Australian Players in 2022

Poker Trends to Watch out for Australian Players in 2022

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You say Australia, and we hear poker! Yes, the fame of poker is widespread in Australia beyond your imagination. Therefore, if you are an Australian gambler, you must know the poker trend of this year so that you can have the best poker journey in 2022. So, let’s jump into this guide for all interested gamblers from Australia.

1. Crypto poker

It is 2022! The world is already on the journey of being fully digitalized! That said, we must look at the online casinos that offer cryptocurrency as their payment methods. A massive number of online casinos, along with providing gamblers with the ease of being online via net banking, bank transfer, and other digital wallets, make sure to incorporate cryptocurrencies in their payment options. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, being a widely accepted currency in the present world, makes the withdrawal and deposit process easier for gamblers. Furthermore, being decentralized in nature, cryptocurrencies do not involve any third party. In Australia, hopefully, the growth of crypto poker will stay intact this year, and if everything remains alright, by the end of the year, new cryptocurrencies will enter the world of online gambling.

2. World Poker Tournament

Australia is the storehouse of so many popular poker games. Economically developed and gambling-loving countries like Australia and USA, therefore, encourage the growth of casinos and gambling at the international level. As a result, these countries often organize and participate in international tournaments like the world poker tournament and more. So, this time, all Australian punters can join in this tournament to compete against each other.

Major tournaments like the World Series of Poker and Unibet Open have their individual satellite programs in different regions. This year, the poker tournament is going to be so grand like never before.

3. Virtual reality poker

Virtual reality will be an integral part of the Australian gambling industry. With VR-enabled casino games, you can enjoy being in an actual land-based casino while being at your home. It means you do not have to step out of your home and join any brick-and-mortar casinos to get the full taste of casino games. The predictions suggest that VR is going to become trendy all over Australia this year, and Aussie punters are likely to show interest in these games.

With online casino Australia, you can also get your hands on a massive collection of virtual reality poker.

4. The craze of live dealer poker

Along with the craze of tournaments and virtual reality poker, live dealer poker will impact a large part of the gambling society in Australia. Well, there is a full-proved reason behind it. Since people have been stuck in their homes for the last two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, they did not get the chance to go outside to enjoy conventional casinos. As a result, they have increased their taste for live casino games. So, game developers are regularly developing new live dealer poker games, especially for Aussie gamblers, keeping them up with the trend of line dealer poker. So, make sure to check out and explore lots of live dealer poker games.

5. Responsible gaming

These days, a massive number of gamblers play online. As a result, game developers and providers of online casinos are putting much more effort ever than before into increasing the safety measures of their sites. It is because the safer an online casino is, the more people will show interest in it.

In Australia, you can find several online gambling sites that offer poker with great licenses and regulations. In this way, you can ensure that you are under a roof of protection. However, not all casinos are fraud-free; most of them are. So, always try to find out a safe and secure Australian online casino before you start playing.


These are a few poker trends to watch out for Australian punters in 2022. So, now, when you have collected all the detailed information about the ongoing and upcoming trends of this year, hopefully, you will do your level best to achieve the desired position in poker games.