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Pockey.io by Starcade.io is an online multiplayer combination of pool and air hockey.


Have you ever been at the arcade and couldn't decide between pool or air hockey? Well, to that we say: why not both? Pockey combines these two beloved games to create an incredibly fun yet competitive experience.

Play against your friends by inviting them with a URL and whether they're on a phone or computer, you'll be playing and chatting in seconds! Whether you're looking to kill some time or compete against the most skilled billiards players on the internet, Pockey offers a broad range of features for both casual and hardcore players.

How to play:
  • Aim your stick at pockeyballs by rotating your cursor around the table
  • Tap and hold to determine your power, pull it backwards to set your power and simply release to shoot.
  • You can score the puck into your opponent's goal (it has a different color than your goal) and remove bonus health. You can also use the puck as a neutral object to sink pockeyballs. Protect your own goal by playing safety shots!


Playing pool is a past favourite during our college days. We can remember playing it in the local bar with friends, a few beers (not really a few) and lots of buffalo wings.

Now, fast forward many years after that and here we are in 2018. Though, it's been a long time since we play pool, but it is always something that we can enjoy... and this is where Pockey.io comes into our lives. It gives us a chance to play with our friends online through your browser. As long as you have a computer and an online connection, you can connect with your friends for a quick game of pool (beers are optional, no recommended when you are at work).

The game itself feels solid and enjoyable. Our first game was against the village idiot, literally and we lost. Guess we don't realize that we are that rusty.

Give this game a try, recommended for all pool fans!