Pix Hop game by Bnoo Games is another brilliant arcade action game from the developer of the popular 360 flap.

Bounce around racking up points & avoiding several ways to die in Pix Hop!​ Features:

  • Unique game play
  • Simple, fun and addictive
  • Easy controls (Touch / Tilt) (only for app version), Browser version uses keyboard control
  • Share your unique death moments with friends
  • Over 25 unlock-able characters and more to come (only for full app version)
  • Completely Free
  • Google Play leaderboards and Achievements (only for app version)

Considering how cute and addictive 360 Flap is from Bnoo Games, we are pretty much excited to try our hands on their next game, Pix Hop.

Based on the gameplay, Pix Hop is probably short for Pixel Hop. Basically you are in control of a square that keeps jumping around left and right. Sounds simple? Well... yes! But the game is a lot more than just controlling a jumping square.

It is clear that the developer has given plenty of thought into designing the game. There are enough obstacles variety that will keep players on edge. I do not mind the minimalist graphics as it serves it purpose. Furthermore, combined with on-point animation and sound effects, Pix Hop provides players with plenty to cheer about.

Overall, Pix Hop is one of the best minimalist games that I have ever played this year. It is easy to pick up, addictive and simplistic control. Highly recommended for anyone!

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