Pin Detective – Mystery Mansion

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Welcome to Pin Detective - Mystery Mansion!

A rich woman mysteriously vanished in a lavish mansion that was covered by the rumors of ghosts and dangerous monsters. A talented detective is committed to uncovering the mystery.

By pulling the pin, you can collect clues that enlighten the truth. What happens to the billionaire? Why do the biological laboratory and so many alien animals exist in this mansion? Let’s use your brain to solve the puzzle to find it out.

Pin Detective: Mystery Mansion is filled with surprising things at every corner. You will face a ghost, a mad scientist, a werewolf, and even a cute dog.

Let’s jump into the mansion and explore all the mysteries.


  • Suitable for all ages
  • Attractive storyline with fantastic characters
  • Various clothes: you wear whatever you choose
  • A huge, mysterious mansion: learn all its secret
  • Unlimited number of levels
  • Completely free, play anywhere, anytime

Instruction to Play Pin Detective Game:

  • Pull the pin to explore the mansion and uncover the mystery.
  • Just a mistake can put you in danger and lose your life.
  • Use coins to renovate the mansion and buy clothes.

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Pin Detective – Mystery Mansion