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Philatelist is a jigsaw puzzle game inspired by Philately with many game modes and beautiful artwork

Press, Reviews and Achievements

March 16, 2020 – “…also offers relaxing gameplay wrapped in some absolutely stunning artwork and visuals.” –

Game info

Release Date: TBA
Platform: iOS and Android

Philatelist is an indie puzzle game inspired by philately. In this game players travel through different locations and gather postage stamps. The gameplay is based on a puzzle game where a player puts fragments together in a logical way. Afterwards, postage stamps can be added in the philatelist’s album.


  • 81 stamps to collect in 9 countries
  • 8 different game modes: gravity, timed, rotation and a lot more!
  • 3 different difficulty modes; 9, 16, 24 puzzle pieces
  • 4 power ups available to help you complete the puzzle
  • Access your album to see collected stamps
  • 18 fun facts to learn more about stamps on loading screens
  • Full gamepad Support
  • Special desaturation game mode and play the puzzle in black and white!

Collect your stamps and learn the history of philately. It’s a great game to play with families and friends!

Official 30-second Video Trailer

Development Video Trailer

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Screenshots – 1920×1080