Philatelic Escape Fauna Album 3 is another installment of the series featuring a new apartment to explore. Similar to the previous games, it features puzzles to solve, clues to find, 10 stamps to collect.

Instruction to play Philatelic Escape Fauna Album 3

Use the mouse to click on things around. Like the previous game, you need to open the front door and enter the room. Walk across the room, click on the items you see on the screen, collect them and use to solve the puzzles.

The videos featured on this page contain walkthrough of the entire game. The first video will show you how to enter the room by solving a few puzzles to eventually find the key to enter the apartment. Do not continue to watch the rest of the videos if you want to avoid spoilers.


Part 1 or see below, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

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