People Who Buy Premium Games Through PayID, How Do You Find Them?

People Who Buy Premium Games Through PayID, How Do You Find Them?

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People who buy premium games through payID, how do you find them?

PayID has emerged as a payment method for Aussie gamers to purchase various online games. But where and how gamers can find premium PayID games? In this article, we will explore methods and techniques that can assist you in discovering high-quality games that can be paid for with PayID.

The Use of PayID in Purchasing Premium Games

PayID, like other payment systems, simplifies online transactions as a versatile payment method. It allows users to make real-time payments from their Australian dollar account. PayID replaces the need for traditional complex account numbers with a unique PIN or an identifier, usually in the form of an email address or phone number.

Therefore, players can buy premium games via PayID due to the security and convenience of the payment method. That’s a simple breakdown of the usage of PayID. Let us now delve into the premium games and what they entail.

Key Highlights

  • The AppleSales app can be used to look for premium game sales.
  • You can do a “top premium games” search on YouTube or Google to find premium games.
  • When you search and click through game recommendations that you like, it can assist you in discovering exclusive games that can be purchased using PayID.
  • If you search for “Android gaming news” on Google and browse through the websites usually found on the first page of search results, you can discover some select games.

What Pertains Premium Games

AAs the name suggests, “premium games” are games that players have to pay for in order to play those games. The games typically contain a one-time upfront purchase to access the full game. In other scenarios, it can be a one-time upfront purchase of a fixed cost without additional in-game purchases required to keep playing the games.

This means that once you pay once, you can play selected games and access their features, content and stories. However, it’s worth mentioning that certain premium games might offer expansion packs or DLC (Downloadable Content) that require an additional purchase.

Furthermore, premium games do not include any advertisements within the gameplay. They are also designed for offline play, thus, someone can download games and play even without an internet connection. In summary, these games provide a complete, gaming session without interruptions.

How to Find Premium Games Payable Using PayID

There are various ways to access select games using PayID as a payment system. Some of these methods include but are not limited to the following.

1. Official Gaming Platforms

Most game publishers and developers own websites offering free and premium games for players to access. It is through these websites that a player can use to purchase paid games via PayID. This is because, more often than not, PayID is one of the payment options available on official gaming sites.

For example, visiting an official website allows one access to the catalog of premium games since most of these websites offer such games and support PayID. Websites such as;

  • Epic Games Store,
  • Xbox Game Pass,

This means you will get to purchase the game of your choice, and during checkout, you will have the option of paying via PayID.

2. Online Marketplaces

Another place to find premium games is on well-known online marketplaces. This includes checking out the likes of Steam and Epic Games Store to confirm if they accept PayID payments for paid games. To check if an online marketplace supports PayID, browse the offered games and look for premium ones that catch your interest.

Follow the purchase process steps as instructed on the marketplace, then during checkout, go through the payment options provided to see if PayID is on the list of supported payment options. If so, make a purchase; if not, try out other methods.

3. Gaming Subscription Services

Another way to find premium games payable through PayID is through gaming subscription services. For instance, subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass and Playstation offer access to premium games for a monthly fee and players can pay for subscriptions via PayID. To use this method, visit the subscription service’s website, select the plan that suits you, and then set up PayID as your payment method.

Once done, you can explore and play games available in your subscription plan like PayID pokies. These pokies are simply games that support PayID as a payment option. For instance, you can play pokie games such as Mega Moolah and Cleopatra on online casinos while using PayID as your payment option. However, you must ensure that your preferred online casino supports this method.

4. Gaming Forums and Communities

With the growth of online gaming, many online gaming communities and forums have emerged, making it easy for gamers to interact and share information. For example;

  • Toucharcade,
  • Droidgamers,
  • Pocketgamer,
  • Casualtap,
  • Hardcoredroid,
  • Pockettactics,
  • Androidgaming section in Reddit,
  • iOSgaming section in Reddit,
  • gaming-oriented Discord servers.

They often share tips on where to find new games and special bargains, some of which offer the option to pay with PayID. Therefore, such forums and online communities can be used to discover recommendations and any offers for games payable via PayID.

To use this method, identify a relevant forum like Reddit or specialized gaming platforms, sign up or join the forum, create a profile, and ensure you adhere to the platform’s rules. Engage with other users and participate in discussions. Search for “PayID-related games,” “PayID premium games deals,” and relevant topics and carefully review the search results. Remember to regularly check for updates within the forum to increase your chances of discovering exclusive games.

5. Social Media and Streamers

Social media platforms come in handy in helping you find places where you can purchase games using PayID. These platforms include;

  • Twitter,
  • Instagram,
  • Pinterest,
  • YouTube,
  • Facebook.

Not to forget, gaming streamers and influencers also help regularly update players with gaming information, including topics about premium games. They also share information about where to get these games and the payment options available, including PayID.

Following official gaming accounts on various social media platforms and reliable gaming influencers and streamers such as Ninja (Tyler Blevins) can help find premium games payable using PayID. Some will even post new game releases and discounts along with direct links to purchase the games using PayID.

6. Review Sites and Gaming Blogs

Review sites and gaming blogs are sources for getting information about different gaming topics. They can provide insights into premium games and whether they can be purchased through PayID. To find out if there are any games for purchase with PayID, check out game review websites such as Gamespot and Kotaku. You might come across links on these sites that allow the buying of premium games using PayID.


Exploring online marketplaces, gaming platforms, communities, online resources, and subscription services can help find exclusive games payable through PayID. This search can be time-consuming but can lead to some interesting things. Hopefully, these tips will help you out!