Pay Attention To These Things Before Buying iTunes Gift Cards

Pay Attention To These Things Before Buying iTunes Gift Cards

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iTunes Gift card will definitely rank among the most popular gift cards that are available right now, the cards are widely accepted in multiple online retail stores as a means of payment. When buying these cards from brick and mortar stores, you’ll hardly run into any problem, but if you’re buying the cards online you have to be careful. You should also be aware of services that ask you to pay using only iTunes gift card. If you haven’t used iTunes gift card before, you need to educate yourself on some aspects of the card, this will help you stay safe and use your card wisely. Without any delay let’s take a look at the things you should know when it comes to using iTunes gift card.

Things You Need To Know Before Using Itunes Gift Card

What’s an iTunes Gift Card?

You probably know what the card is all about but there is the need to clear the air for the few that are unaware what it’s all about. It’s a pre purchased credit assigned to the card which can be used to buy different services from Apple marketplace. But due to their popularity, other businesses and services other than apple are accepting iTunes gift card as a means of payment. The card can be used to buy anything from apple marketplace including books, podcasts, TV shows and more. Not only digital products you can as well order physical products online, like MacBook or iPhone.

In What Form Are iTunes Cards Available?

iTunes gift cards are available in both physical and digital form, and you can order both online. When you buy the physical card, there is a pin code which will be used to redeem the credit on the card, and if your order the digital card, the pin codes will be delivered to your email or any other electronic form.
iTunes Gift Cards are popular in countries like Aruba, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Kuwait, Jordan, Thailand, Nigeria, Bermuda, Egypt, Canada, Panama, France.

Do iTunes Gift Cards Expire?

The cards don’t expire, also when you redeem the cards, the amount credited to your account won’t expire either. You can use the cards to pay for any product from the iTunes store. But you should remember that you’re only able to redeem your iTunes gift card from the account it was purchased. Meaning that if the card is purchased in U.S currency, it can’t be used in another country with a different currency.

How Purchase iTunes Gift Card

There are different ways you can buy iTunes cards and gift them to your loved ones without any hassle;

  • Retail stores; most popular retail stores have iTunes gift cards in stock, retail stores should be your first option if you want to buy the physical card, you won’t only get the physical cards, they can as well be wrapped to look like an exceptional gift, of course you’ll pay for extra.
  • Apple store online; there is no better place to buy than from apple marketplace, your purchase is 100% protected.
  • Using your iPhone or iPad; this is also a direct purchase from Apple, but here you’re using the App Store App installed on either your iPhone or iPad. When you order with the app you can choose how you want the card to be sent, mostly it’s through email.
  • Using the desktop app; if you have iTunes on your Windows or Mac device, you can as well use it to order the card.

Once you order the cards, here are some important tips to keep in mind;

Redeem your iTunes gift cards as soon as possible

Do not delay when you receive these cards! Why? Because there are iTunes card generators, most of the times the codes generated by these tools won’t work but sometimes they can generate codes from that have already been printed and if you delay, your codes can be randomly generated.

Send your gift card with receipt

Yes, you heard me right! When sending the iTunes gift card, always send to the receiver included with the receipt. iTunes gift cards are very popular and stealing these cards isn’t a new thing, the only way for anyone to verify themselves as the real owner is to present the receipt.

There is a difference between iTunes gift card and Apple Store gift card

The major difference between the two is that, iTunes gift card is used online to order products from the online store, while Apple Store gift card is used in Apple physical stores. Get this clear, don’t try to redeem Apple store card in your iTunes account, it won’t work. Before sending the gift cards, you have to be certain on how you want the receiver to use the card and then choose the right card that will be beneficial to them.

Avoid Scams

A lot of online scams will require that you pay with iTunes gift card, and you have to avoid that, unless you’ll only pay after receiving the service or goods.

Report stolen cards

If your iTunes gift card is stolen, you should know that Apple provide exceptional support and they could be able to block the card or issue new codes if you’re able to show proof as the owner of the iTunes card.