Paul Hero End Polio Now!

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Paul Hero End Polio Now! by Crios Devs is an adventure platfomer where you can be the intrepid Paul and fight against the polio by avoiding obstacles, testing your reflexes, defying the laws of gravity and delivering vaccines to eradicate this horrible disease in the world.

Game Features:

  • More than than 60 levels divided in 6 sections full of challenges and obstacles.
  • More than 5 hours of gameplay to end it.
  • First official videogame of the story of Rotary International.
  • Original soundtrack composed of exclusive scores.
  • For all ages and genders, with a balanced difficulty curve.
  • Free and web.
  • Help to spread and inform humanitarian actions.

Background Story:
Paul is an adventurer who offers his help to whoever needs it. That is why when Rotary International organization asks him to exterminate the polio (a horrible disease) in a remote island of the Pacific, he accepts without hesitation. Rotary has spent years of fighting to eradicate the disease of the world and still there are a few zones affected, the island is one of them. Unfortunately, those that have gone there to take the medicine...never returned.

Our adventurer boards the plain full of boxes with vaccine against the polio. After a few hours of flight, he sees the island but something between the shadows with a mask, which has the form of skull, raise its hands and a lightning strikes the plane.

Fortunately, Paul gets out of it with his parachute while he sees how the boxes with the vaccine fall down in different sites of the island. When he lands on, he notices that there are various traps to keep away the outsiders that want to help the residents. Paul has to find the way of delivering the vaccines and get out of the island alive!

How Paul hero: end polio now started
Early in 2014, Rotary International decided to gather a group of clubs in Argentina with the name Rotary Distritict 4849. Due to expand the work of Rotary worldwide, the District contacted Crios Devs in order to make a video game that would be free, accessible, fun and catch the attention of the public towards the organization and its fight against the eradication of the polio.

The first part of the videogame was completely developed early in March with the arrival of the president of Rotary International, Gary Huang.

Paul Hero End Polio Now reminds me of some old school platformer games like Pitfall and Bubble Bobble. Pitfall is for the various obstacles that you need to jump over and avoid while Bubble Bobble is for the action and the screen level design.

Having played several levels, the biggest gripe that I have is the control. Even on the first level, I died twice because the jumping action does not seem to be very intuitive while the spikes are a bit overly sensitive. With some practice and tries, however, the control is no longer much of an issue. After dying twice on the first level, I breeze through the next 10 levels without a hitch.

But, beyond some control and physics issue, the game is quite enjoyable. The retro feels is strong in this one. It does get a lot tougher in the later levels where precision jumping is required. The good thing is that you can ignore collecting coins if they are placed in a difficult place. You lose stars, but at least it will keep you going and you can always try it again next time.

Overall, I enjoyed trying and testing Paul Hero End Polio Now game. Control might be an issue in the beginning, but if you give it a little more time and get familiar with it, the game will reward you with challenges spread over multitude of levels.

Paul Hero End Polio Now!