Paper Craft Battles

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Paper Craft Battles by Black Curtain Studio \is a turn-based strategy game that lets you control your paper craft troops into battle.

Update: The developer released a FREE version of Paper Craft Battle on Google Play!

Control your paper craft troops into battle in this turn-based strategy game that's fun for all ages. With simple and easy to understand gameplay mechanics, you can pick up and play Paper Craft Battles for either minutes or hours, and be coming back for more.

How to play:

  • You get 3 moves each turn.
  • Choose to either move, attack or buy new units. You can for example choose to move your unit one time and attack with the remaining moves.
  • Buy new units from your command center.
  • You earn money by killing an enemy unit.
  • Capture cities to gain extra bonus money each turn.
  • Some maps have special buildings you can capture to gain the ability to buy special units, like ships from the naval yard or call in an air strike from the airfield.
  • Win the game by destroying the opponent's command center.

If you are a fan of Advance Wars series, you should feel right at home playing Paper Craft Battles.

As mentioned by the developer, you are in charge of your units and a command center at the beginning. What you need to do is to find and destroy the opponent's command center. But that wouldn't be as easy as it sounds as the enemy will rain down units as many as you are to do exactly the same thing to you.

Having played for just over an hour, there are a few things that I would like to comment regarding Paper Craft Battles:
  • It would be nice to know exactly how much damage that units will do to each other, how much hit points a structure can heal units and how much hit points each unit has
  • Units' stats and their more detailed information would be useful especially to inform players what veteran status means
  • A helicopter should be able to travel across rivers. There are quite a few places in the game that helicopters can't travel although naturally, it should be able to
  • Graphics wise, it should adopt a real paper craft art style using origami like this game

Overall, Paper Craft Battles have huge potential. It would be interesting to see what the developer will do next to the game! Currently, Paper Craft Battles are perfect for a more relax and less detailed strategy gamers. On the other hand, Hardcore strategy gamers will feel quite a few things missing from the game.

Paper Craft Battles