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Pankapu – The Dreamkeeper has gone Alpha. Pankapu is an independant platform/action video game. It is produced by the French team Too Kind Studio It is a platform/Action video game in 2D told in the manner of a fable in high color illustration decors.

The player controls Pankapu, a shadow warrior traveling across the dreamlike world Omnia to strike down the nightmares which try to invade humans. In his rites of passage quest, he encounters a variety of characters who aid him, guide him or fight him but who, whatever happens, make him change both physically and mentally. From this journey, he will learn that all is not black or white and that things are not always what they seem to be. The narration is the central part of the game, because we want it to have an impact on the player and cause him to reflect, as happens in a traditional story.

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