Organic Wooden Toys: Your Kid’s Games Should Be Safe

Organic Wooden Toys: Your Kid’s Games Should Be Safe

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What could be more beautiful than wood? Probably, only toys from it. Wooden toys have indescribable energy and are durable. Wooden toys have a positive impact on the formation of tactile skills. They have a pleasant texture, and most importantly, such texture of the tree is exactly what is needed for the development of fine motor skills of fingers. When touching and exploring the texture of the toy, which is different in shape, the child receives a lot of information. is a place where you’ll find wooden rainbow building blocks, a wooden house with dolls and all kitchen appliances, including food, and other toys for kids of different ages.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Eco-Friendly Toys for Your Child

Does your kid still haven’t a wooden car, a cube activity, or some other organic wooden toys? There are three main reasons behind adding one to your collection of toys. Check what benefits you will enjoy if choosing eco toys at


Toys made from natural materials cannot harm. Children can examine them without harm to their health: scratching their gums when teeth are cut, gnawing and sucking, gnawing and licking – there will be no harm, but only the benefits of gaining new valuable experience. Smooth texture and natural dyes are very important for the safety of the baby.


Wooden toys have indescribable energy. They set up in a positive way, give the child the right attitude, that everything living is valuable.


Dark and light streaks, annual rings appearing on the surface of dolls and houses, give the child the correct idea of ​​harmony and beauty, develop imagination. Roland Bart described plastic and metal as “graceless” and “chemical” and said that wood is “a familiar and poetic substance that does not cut off a child’s close contact with the forest, with the table, with the floor. The tree does not hurt. It does not break and can last a long time.”


There are no time frames when it comes to the durability of the toy. It’s not easy to break a toy made of wood. Older children, who are interested in how everything is built and what is made of, can safely drop, beat, try to break a wooden toy because it will be very durable and can withstand any load. Even the most hyperactive child will find it extremely difficult to break a toy from wood.


Wooden toys are quite easy to wash, just dip in soapy water, rinse and wipe dry. Plastic can also be washed but if some mechanism or batteries are built into them, the process will be difficult.

Your Kid Will Be Happy to Get a Wooden Toy as a Gift offers a wide range of eco-friendly toys at affordable prices. You need just to choose the right one depending on the kid’s age, sex, and interests. Be sure that a girl will be happy to get a playhouse and a set of eco friendly items for the wooden house. Both girls and boys will be glad to play with climbing frames, a rocking horse, railway with a train, and other wooden playsets. If you need to choose a present for your nephew, granddaughter, kids of friends, etc., don’t hesitate to purchase wooden toys from Brio, Thomas, Wendy, Grimms, and other famous brands presented online.