Online Slots vs Betting: Which Is More Fun for You?

Online Slots vs Betting: Which Is More Fun for You?

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When it comes to online casinos, there are typically two kinds of players. One will often steer towards slot machines, while others will steer towards betting games such as blackjack, poker, and sports betting; here are the differences to find out which is more fun for you.

Learning curve

One of the most significant differences is the learning curve. Most slot machines may look complicated and look like they have a lot going on, but they are often still straightforward to understand, with most beginners being able to grasp the gist of the game in a few minutes.

On the other hand, betting is far trickier. While it is fairly straightforward in games like Blackjack and Keno, betting against real players when playing poker is a skill, and it can be challenging to master.

Skill level

Whether you look at an Online slots UK site or any other slots website, you will quickly realise that there is a big difference in skill between slot machines and betting games. The learning curve isn’t the only factor regarding how good you are at a game and how much fun it is.

While betting is a skill in itself, the games that require betting also require a skill level. Once again, blackjack and poker aren’t completely luck-based and require much game knowledge and skill.

Chances at winning

Another big difference between online slots and betting games is the chance of winning. When you play a betting game, like blackjack, you often have much more control over the outcome and how much you are spending and winning.

On the other hand, slot machines are very random, and it is impossible to control the work in most instances.

Game variety

When it comes to game variety, there is no comparison. Online slot machines have the most variety quickly, with individual games having multiple versions too. If you want variety, there is no need to look further than online slot machines.


Online slots also win when it comes to bonuses. Most betting games don’t offer bonuses, bonus plays, etc. However, online slots often provide a wide range of bonuses, such as free plays or spins, bet matching, and more.

These bonuses are often why so many people choose online slots, as they extend beyond welcome bonuses, play bonuses, and winning bonuses.

Payout amounts

Another big difference between the two is the payout amounts. Online slot machines will almost always have massive payout amounts. This is because the more people play without winning, the higher the payouts.

With betting games, your winnings are typically determined by how much you have bet. Even if you win, if you only made a £5 bet, your winnings will usually not be huge.

Plays vs winnings

While online slots tend to have bigger jackpots, it is essential to understand the difference between how much you spend to win and the winnings themselves. For example, you could find yourself playing online slots for days, even weeks, before having a big win.

With betting, you may not have big wins, but you can keep them consistent, meaning the plays-to-wins ratio is far more in your favour.

Sports betting

Within the world of gambling games, there is the sports betting subgenre. Sports betting may be far more fun and enjoyable than poker or blackjack.


Sports betting does require a level of skill. It isn’t simply about betting on a favourite and hoping to win. You need to know when, how to build your bet, and how to manage the odds to get the maximum payment for the lowest bet amount.


Sports betting is also a game of knowledge. You need to understand leagues, teams, individual players, injury concerns, opponents, previous results, and everything in between if you are going to make an informed bet.

Win ratio

Another thing that swings people from slots to sports betting is the win ratio. While you can win playing slots, sports betting has far more outcomes to bet on, meaning far more opportunities to win.

You can also win consistently, and while it is impossible to be right with every pick if you are sensible, you can be right more times than you are wrong.

As you can see, while slots and betting games have a few significant differences, the question of which is more fun will come down to you and what you want from a game. There is no right or wrong answer; it simply comes down to what you will enjoy the most.