Online Slots New Bonus Review

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Online slots can be quite engaging not to mention the fact that if you are lucky, they can also be quite rewarding. There is quite a variety of slots you can play online and some come with attractive welcome bonuses that new players should take advantage of. There are also free slots available in a non-downloadable version that can be enjoyed on different devices. Below is a review on some of the online casinos where you can get amazing bonuses to help increase your chances of winning.


This is possibly the most popular video slot available in the market today. Aside from being highly engaging, the slot comes with no deposit bonuses that include free spins without wagering. Here is a brief on the welcome bonus offered by a reputable online casino.

Free spins

There are 100 free spins that are up for grabs and accessible to all new players in the first ten days. Out of these, you can use up to 10 spins without having to make a deposit and you do not have to use the spins all at once.

Welcome Package

You can redeem this package after making your first deposit of £10. The welcome package can earn you up to £1000 in addition to 100 free spins.

No deposit Bonus

Get a no deposit bonus of £5 immediately you register. You do not need to wager to unlock this bonus

Game of Thrones

The new GOT season 8 is the end of the game of thrones series, which can only means that things get exciting especially for those who have tried the earlier versions. Aside from the thrill, the game offers a variety of welcome bonuses to interested players. Current bonuses range from 20- 33 free spins no deposit spins. Different casinos also offer a variety of exciting bonuses after making your first deposit.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune offers gamers an opportunity to enter the world of fortunes and win big without risking a lot of money. The game features free spins, unbelievable substitutions, and best of all, jackpot bonus game. Most reputable casinos have many offers for new players looking to test this game without having to pay anything.


You can join this Egyptian goddess in her search for forgotten treasures in this highly engaging slot game. This is among the most thrilling games in the world of slots and it helps that it also comes with massive winnings. Different casinos offer a variety of welcome bonuses and just like with other slots on this list, the bonuses depends on how generous the casino is. Some real money wining with zero deposit bonuses can be unlocked by registration while others provide a demo that players can enjoy without having to register or make a deposit.


Gladiator is based on the epic movie by the same name, and features the lead actor Russell Crowe. It is one engaging game that can keep you glued to your screen for hours. Aside from that, it is among the free slots that you can play without having to download them to your device or pay any amount. You can choose the more advanced varieties but the basic version works just fine and is perfect for learners who want to play for cash in the future.


Welcome bonuses can help you save your money and increase your chances of winning. Fortunately, most online casinos have a variety of bonuses so you will be spoilt for choice in whatever games you choose. Browse through different casinos and go with the one offering the best deal for new members.