Оnline Dating Message Tips From Date-n-Play

Оnline Dating Message Tips From Date-n-Play

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Love is online! You may have heard this phrase multiple times after online dating sites became so popular. These sites have made it possible to date with a simple swipe or a ‘ding’. Um. Maybe not that simple. After all, finding a perfect first text to send to your perfect match needs a great thought. Don’t worry. Date-n-Play has got you covered. We have come up with some useful online dating message tips straight from our archives on what to say as online dating gamers. After all, in the end, online dating is a little bit of a game, and you need to become a perfect gamer.

First Message Tips

Now, let us have your attention on this one. The first message makes or breaks you. You can either get a reply instantly or you can lurk in their inbox forever with no response. The first message needs to be reflective of who you are. Keep in mind that at this moment, you are completely unknown to the other person. So, for instance, if you send a text like ‘hey’, or ‘hello’, the other person is not going to perceive your personality given that you are actually not there. The physical absence makes it impossible for the other person to decipher your body language. In which case, such texts are not met with any attention. Here are some of the don’ts by the dating site Date-n-Play:

  • Hey,/What’s up/How are you doing?
  • Nice/Handsome/Beautiful
  • Can I ask you something? Are you single?

These are some of the big No’s. Any text similar to these is a big turn-off. It will do you no good. Instead, it will reduce your chances of online dating to a dangerous extent. If you really aim to get the conversation going. Or trying to get a reply, then you need to come up with something creative.

Text something that promises your interest and reflects who you are. First of all, go through the person’s profile and lookup for his/her hobbies and interests. Then find something that can grab his/her attention. For instance, these are the things that you can say:

  • I saw ‘that’ book in one of your pictures. Fan of (insert author’s name)?
  • That movie had amazing cinematography. Wondering if you are into (insert director’s name) movies?
  • You seem to love animals. So are you a cat person or a dog person?

Such texts show that you are taking a genuine interest in the other person and not just taking a chance at flirting. Also, people usually like talking about themselves so if you provide them with such an opportunity. They are very much likely to respond. There is a lot to talk about and you can start with interests, career, or personality. That provides you with a wide field to play along initially. Also, avoid talking about yourself in the beginning as there are chances you might come as too self-absorbed. That is a huge turn-off. Once you get a response, there are ways to keep the conversation going.

7 Online Dating Message Tips

Now that you have received a response from the other side. There are major tips for online dating conversations that you should follow religiously. Dating site Date-n-Play has you back and will teach you how to chat as an online dating gamer.

  • Reply to the response with the same amount of reason and don’t let your emotions get the better of you. If he/she replies with an affirmative answer regarding their interest/hobby. Dig deeper into that. Keep your sentence/sentences short.
  • Never indulge in physical compliments in the beginning. It is a hundred percent No! Texts like ‘hot’ ‘sexy’ or even ‘beautiful’ can leave you abandoned. Comments like these are sure to be taken as creepy.
  • Leave the basics and indulge in specifics. That means if you are really trying to connect with the other person, name things and don’t use vague references as that will make you look least interested. You have to show that you are putting in an effort without making it too obvious. Of course! So the next time you are talking about t.v shows, name a show to ask him/her if they like it too.
  • For the love of God, never use improper grammar. Use complete spellings and make sure your sentences are grammatically correct. Never ‘Dis’ ‘Dat’ ‘Den’ in your sentences. Improper language can be a huge turn-off. And you don’t want to break the deal simply by not typing a few more words! Also, keep a check on those unnecessary ‘hahas’ and ‘hehes’
  • Keep your sentences to the point and concise. Do not write long paragraphs at the beginning. Play with your sentences. Make the person want more. Do not just spill everything already. Make it simple and sweet to communicate with you. And no, he/doesn’t want to read your first-grade love story incomplete details!
  • Keep a check on your message ratio. Keep the size of your message just the same as the message you are responding to. Ending up with long paragraphs or even shorter responses can either make you look crazy or too self-absorbed. Make sure to appear friendly but do not overdo it.

Build a unique conversation with the other person. A conversation that is not too general nor too intense. A conversation that can be branded one that is just between you too. You need to stand out by being yourself. Because there is, as a matter of fact, only one you.

In Conclusion

Date-n-Play’s what to say online dating gamer has tried and tested the above online dating messages tips. The key is to play with the brain with a tint of heart. Also, every person varies. So, it is up to a person. Only he/she can devise such phrases which will grab the attention of the other person. Many things work on one kind of person but may not work on the other type of person. All you need to do is to be sure of the kind of person that you’re trying to make a conversation with. And you are good to go.