NUO Puzzle Game

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Flash Promoted Collection Puzzle

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PlayPlayFun's Impression on NUO Puzzle Game:
NUO Puzzle Game is the kind of puzzle game that will tickle you to play more and more. The idea of the game is to drag a ball to a target while avoiding stationary object or moving obstacles. Yeah, it's that simple. It will make you think that you can easily do it. Even if you failed, you are confident that you can do it on the next try... and the next try... and the next try! It's that addictive!

The graphic is simple and yet engaging. Mouse control is tight, however, I believe it would be much better playing this game on a touch screen to give a more stable control.

Bottomline: I highly recommend this game!

Download the app version to take advantage of more features:

  • 4 different control types: Gravity, Normal, Sliding and Rope modes
  • 100 extra levels which bring to a total of 150 levels!
  • Touch screen control

NUO Puzzle Game