Ninja Geometry Jump

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Ninja Geometry Jump by Hero 44 is a true master ninja martial arts training in the tower of deadly ninjas.

DEVELOPER'S DESCRIPTION (based on full app version):
Here's our fat, clumsy ninja. He wants to be a master of karate, kung fu, ninjutsu and several other martial arts. To do this it must undergo training in the tower deadly ninjas. The training is very difficult. Tower masters of combat is deadly. Brave but clumsy ninja every mistake will pay life. Each jump is wrong bloody and painful death. Jump up.

How to play Ninja geometry dash jump lite:

  • You square, swaggy Ninja
  • Your opponents are a ninja shuriken throwing dice and terrible monster - the dragon Pixel
  • Avoid moving platforms, jump and dash to bypass the danger in this action game with rhythmically moving platforms
  • Run away from the rising floor on which they are deadly spikes, the spikes
  • Touch the screen with your finger - tap, pop, then our thick, clumsy ninja will jump up
  • Important! Jump up, dodge, dash - still up as high as possible to win.
  • Do not touch the spikes or any of the enemies and their weapons, or spikes in the floor, then death

This is the way a true master ninja martial arts. Training, training ... jump, dodge, jump, death ... Repeat!

Ninja Geometry Dash reminds me of a similar game that was reviewed a while back called Bounce Rocket. It is basically an endless jumper game similar to Flappy Bird. However, instead of horizontal, Ninja Geometry Dash and Bounce Rocket are a vertical jumper.

Fortunately, Ninja Geometry Dash stands out of the crowded flappy bird genre by providing players more features that keep the game exciting. But let's focus on the control of the game first. I like the fact that you can make the character hover at the same place by timing when to tap. This gives great control over the character to avoid frustrating death.

The game also features a level progression with an introduction of shuriken-throwing red ninjas and sword-throwing white ninjas who are there to end your life. Running away the chasing floor of spikes and avoiding platforms that are ready to squash is already hard enough and the enemy ninjas are adding a totally new level of challenge!

As you play the game, you can also collect coins to unlock more characters that you can use.

Overall, Ninja Geometry Jump is taking the old flavor of endless jumper with an addition of extra challenge and unlockable characters. If you are looking for a challenge that is fun (and sometimes frustrating), Ninja Geometry Jump might just be one that will not disappoint. One hint on playing the game; find a jumping rhythm and you'll go far!

Ninja Geometry Jump