Night Maze

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Flash Promoted Collection Puzzle Yvan Taurines

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Night Maze by Yvan Taurines is a puzzle game where players has limited time to draw a path to the exit in several mazes. The light goes off as the time goes by so the player has to go fast or to remember the right path.

When I was growing up, I used to play and solve many classic paper mazes. It is one of my favourite past time. So, without any doubt, I was excited when I saw Night Maze on my email submitted by the developer.

Night Maze brings my past memories of paper maze back and adds more depth into the puzzle. Patrolling monsters, locked doors and darkness that creeps in are just not possible in paper maze for obvious reason. So, to find those features integrated into the maze are a very warm welcome as an added challenge. Moreover, you will also find many items such as torches, swords and keys to help you to safely find the exit.

Night Maze records your time and the fastest you manage to find the exit, the more stars you earn. In the later levels, I find it quite difficult to get 3 stars. Most likely, it will require several successful tries before you can get 3 stars.

Overall, Night Maze has enough fresh challenge and variety to keep you going and playing. If you are a fan of paper maze, you should definitely give this a try. I am sure you'll love it!


  • Ability to unlock more places; catacombs, egypt and swamp

Night Maze

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