NFS HEAT: Every Racer’s Dream Game

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There’s an unknown joy that comes to a man playing with the engine of this car. Whether he is testing it on the race track or just cruising down the street. In reality, we cannot have the full adrenaline thrilling experience we want from driving. Hence, man has resorted to electronic race games to experience this as entertainment. Among the most prominent of race games to play is the NFS franchise.

Need for Speed has been among the Ivy League in-car race games to gaming lovers. Since the turn of the century, they’ve been consistent releasing newer games to create a more surreal experience. The newest product is the NFS Heat, developed by Ghost games was released on the 4th of November, 2019.

It was announced by publisher Electronic Arts to be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Just like all modern games, there’s a minimum system requirement for this game to run on your pc. You’ll need:

  1. Windows 10
  2. A graphics card e.g. Geforce GTX760 or of similar performance rate.
  3. 8GB of RAM
  4. Core i5-3570 or equivalent processor

Here are some cool new quirks and features of this amazing game.

Generally, race games aren’t known to have lengthy storylines full of plots and twists. When it comes to storyline NFS haven’t done substantial work. So don’t expect much here, as it has a decent storyline, although, not too long. The career mode lets players take a character role of their avatar, allowing them to participate in any race events.

The settings of the game are set in a modern city called Palm City, a fictional representation of the South-eastern United States, with Miami, Florida being the major priority.

Unlike in earlier years, NFS has never allowed players to choose their daylight settings. This is the most distinctive feature in the NFS heat. But while those might seem like just aesthetic differences, as you switch between day and night using the tap of a button on the map screen, Heat’s brilliance is in the way the game changes dramatically in that transition.

Police pursuits are an essential part of any racing game, the need for speed heat captures this like no other in the franchise. It tries to put the player into a frenzy rush-hour, experiencing the full backlash of the police force when the player defaults. However, the aggressiveness of the pursuits varies with day and night cycles. The police respond with more vigor in the night time, this makes for them better protagonists.

Customization is the order of the day. Every player wants to feel personalized in not just their avatar, but also their cars used throughout the game. Here, this is made possible with so many edits and variants in car design, paint, interior, body works, and engine.

Also, a multiplayer feature is available to this wonderful game. Players can now race alongside and against each other in the same event. This is simply done by driving up to a race signal and sending an invite to your friend’s connected console. Although this connection requires physical proximity between the gaming consoles.

You having the NFS Heat, racing just became a whole lot of fun when your friends visit.