Negative Influence of Video Games on Academic Writing Skills

Negative Influence of Video Games on Academic Writing Skills

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What are video games in the modern world? They are part of it. There is no teenager who doesn’t know at least something about them. We can’t ignore them or try to pretend that they don’t exist. The only question is how they influence our lives. What is the general effect? Frankly, they have negative and positive influence at the same time. Which of them is more powerful depends on many reasons.

  • How much time do you spend playing?
  • How much money do you spend buying games and improving your characters in games?
  • How does it influence your social life?
  • Does it help you with studying or job?

The luckiest people who are in love with video games work as a tester of new games. It’s really hard to say if this profession is in demand in 20 or 30 years, but in fact, according to extremely fast development of computer industry, this question is open for the most modern professions.

It seems to every person without any explanation that there are much more negative sides of playing video games. Let’s explore it from the side of academic writing skills.

The worst thing about video games is that they are huge time eaters.

They are so exciting that you can’t control the amount of time you spend playing. Thanks to this, you sleep less and lose your skills with every game because you try to write a research article, which needs a week in a few days. The quality of writing decreases with every article like this.

The next aspect is that you study less.

Therefore, the quality of your knowledge also decreases. If you played for one week or even month (but there is no person who believes in it) and then quite, there would be no influence, but in you spend all your college time to it is possible that you will get an extra golden level in your game instead of graduation.

This may, as a result, lead to an addiction or even obsession to video games.

Every addiction is bad. However, in mind of player bad addictions are alcohol, casino and other which damage people around. But the gaming doesn’t bring even discomfort to friends and family, so what’s the problem? The answer is as simple as always.

Addiction brings aggression.

Aggressive person loses all the skills he had before. Concentration on studying, motivation of growing as a professional, discovering something new, socialization. Academic writing skills are among them.

The other huge problem, which also influences all the skills including academic writing is deterioration of health.

Some people eat more and more unhealthy food like burgers and pizzas, because only have time to order it but no time for cooking. Other people skip mealtime and don’t eat at all. Spending all time playing reduces the quantity of time outside. No sports activities, no walking and breathing fresh air. At last, possible problems with eyes and back. This all returns us to aggression, bad sleeping and losing concentration, which has all the effects above.

Still let’s not forget that video games bring concentration, help with eye and hand concentration, develop abilities connected with solving immediate problems.

But a necessary condition of all this good influence happen is to play just a little and not make video games a reason for life.

Talking about academic writing skills, let’s not forget that person who doesn’t read a lot, doesn’t write a lot and doesn’t research a lot will never get success. Quality academic writing is a hard job, which needs honing the skill day by day. Unfortunately, a lot of college and university students have to address academic writing services because they have no time for it.