Nebulous Infinity

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HTML5 Promoted Retro Shooting Virtually Competent

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Nebulous Infinity by Virtually Competent is a vertical scrolling shoot ‘em up with randomized elements.

The initial build was made in a week for the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge, but the game is still considered to be in development.


Interested in taking part in the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge, but wanting to create something action-oriented, Eric came up with the idea of doing a scrolling space shooter with randomized elements. The plan was to create a number of level “chunks” that would be spawned randomly during play and randomize item effects (creating an element of risk, as some items could have a negative impact on the player). While the end result was somewhat lacking (only 10 unique level chunks were created and the in-game economy was poorly balanced), the framework laid down in a week’s time was much more scalable and open to tweaking than past projects.


  • Navigate semi-randomized terrain in your cool spaceship!
  • Eat strange space candies that enhance your abilities!
  • Do business with a one-eyed slime alien!

Controls (Keyboard):
  • Shift - Start/Pause the game
  • Z - Shoot
  • X - Activate Magnet
  • C - Cycle through powerups/bombs
  • Space - Use selected powerup/bomb

Controls (Xbox 360 Gamepad)::
  • Start - Start/Pause the game
  • X button - Shoot
  • A button - Activate Magnet
  • L/R bumpers - Cycle through powerups/bombs
  • Y button - Use selected powerup/bomb

Tips and Tricks:
  • After destroying enemies, activate your magnet to pull credits towards you...collecting a bunch in quick succession will earn you a huge bonus!
  • Sometimes enemies will drop powerups, but crates are guaranteed to have a powerup in them every time! Of course, selling crates at the shop might work out better for you...
  • You can't tell what a powerup does until you try it or take it to a shop to get it identified. Be careful - they're not always good!
  • Shops are guaranteed to appear every 5 sectors, but may also appear in normal sectors if you're lucky. Be sure to buy some Movement Ups if you want to survive the speed increase every sector!
  • Be sure to post your score to Twitter at the end the round to show the other pilots who's boss!
  • This game can be played with a keyboard under $50.

Nebulous Infinity was made in a week's time for the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge. We've done a lot of work on it since then, but it's still very much in development. The newest build is playable above, but if you prefer, you can download the original 7DRL build for Windows/Mac/Linux.

Nebulous Infinity is another game by Virtually Competent who are responsible for PlayPlayFun hits like Rough & Tumble and Skull Shot!! This time they bring us a vertical shooter game that is randomly generated which provides tons of replay value.

The game and its mechanic is solid and somewhat challenging. It also features retro pixel art graphics that will make fans of retro games right at home. There are enough variety in the game to keep you coming back for more. Overall, much like Virtually Competent other games, Nebulous Infinity ranks highly in my book.

If you like this game or want to see more updates, please consider supporting the developer by supporting Nebulous Infinity on or purchasing Virtually Competent merchandise on Zazzle.

Nebulous Infinity

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