Muscle Clicker Gym Game

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Muscle Clicker Gym Game shows you what it’s like to make a skinny person muscular with hard work at the gym.

At the start, your character is so skinny he can barely run on an exercise bike and can’t lift a dumbbells without panting! But your mission is to make this guy as healthy and as muscular as possible. The only way to do that is by exercising.

In this game, you need to train and compete to earn money. But, it’s not easy as your stamina runs out when you continuously exercise. Then, when you have sufficient funds, you can buy more equipment to help you gain muscles, money, and experience. As you gain more experiens, you can also increase your strength and stamina.

Overall, this game teaches you that hard work is necessary to achieve certain successes. Just like in real life, Muscle Clicker: Gym Game hopes to inspire people to work out.


  • Earnings in training and competitions. You earn money lifting dumbbells and exercising on exercise bikes. Get additional income by setting new records in pull-ups and squats competitions.
  • You can buy a lot of sports equipment such as dumbbells, exercise bikes and even stimulants and potions that increase your strength and energy.
  • Watch how your muscles grow in real time and get status points for each completed level. You can use status points to increase your arm, leg strength, and stamina. This will allow you to train even faster and harder than before.
  • Personalization - In addition to the physical transformation of your character, you can also customize his hairstyle, beard, shirt and shorts! You can choose from a wide range of colors to give it variety.
  • You are given a choice of music tracks and backgrounds of the game.

Instruction to Muscle Clicker Gym Game:

Simple controls. It's as simple as tapping the screen a few times or just holding it down. As you play with different sports equipment, you will find that some of them have different control mechanics.

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Muscle Clicker Gym Game