Multi Bomb

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Arcade Education Promoted Collection WebGL

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Multi Bomb by Alex Meesters is a game where you test your math skill with the help of a Tesla coil.

DEVELOPER'S DESCRIPTION (based on full app version):
Prevent the bombardment of your city with a new technological invention that shoots electricity at its targets. This invention is a weapon that responds towards mathematical solutions. You are in control of giving the right input. The defense of the city is in your hands, make sure it does not reign in doom.

The goal of this game was to make it as fun and rewarding as possible to destroy bombs, making it no longer feel like a struggle to remember the solutions.

How to Play:

  • Start the game
  • Look at the mathematical question above any enemy bomb
  • Input it with the keypad
  • Press the green button to launch an attack
  • Get better and beat everyone with your high score!

  • Keyboard
    • Numeric keys for the numbers
    • ENTER to submit the number
    • ESC to open menu during gameplay

  • Mouse
    • Use the mouse to click on the numbers and submit using the green button

  • Play mode
  • Training mode
  • Power ups
  • Score points

Multi bomb is currently a work in progress, and is getting more content after time. Having the game on the play store allows me to obtain feedback to further improve the game, please give a rating or send the feedback to the listed email address below, so I can make this one of your most favorite games!

Multi Bomb is a combination of three elements. It combines Math, Missile Command arcade style and a Tesla Coil. Curious? Read on!

Multi Bomb is a game that is great to practice your math skill. You are in charge of a commander that needs to save your location from an onslaught of incoming rockets. Luckily, the rockets have a multiplication code that detonate them before they reach the ground.

The great thing about this game is that the input is very fast. You can enter the numbers as fast as you can and the game will detect all your input. Multi Bomb will also destroy multiple rockets of the same number on the screen with one input.

Overall, at the current stage, the game is suitable for students to learn more about multiplication. The game will become more and more suitable for casual gamers when the extra content and features are available as promised by the developer.

Multi Bomb