Most Profitable Cryptocurrency Games to Play in 2022

Most Profitable Cryptocurrency Games to Play in 2022

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Play-to-win video games award players with digital currency or non-fungible tokens. Recently, blockchain-based games, also referred to as P2E, have become commonplace, with each network offering its virtual currency to pay online gamers for their time investment on the many metaverses.

The popularity of play-to-earn games can be attributed in part to the fact that they allow players to gain real-world dollars while having a great time. It’s another thing to create NFTs that can be sold for profit. With that said, below, you will get a chance to discover the best crypto games that pay. Let’s get started!

Axie Infinity

In today’s market, Axie Infinity is one of the most well-known play-to-earn crypto games. Axie Infinity’s in-game currency, Smooth Love Potion (or SLP), may be exchanged for real money, which is a significant factor. There is a second token in the game called the Axie Infinity Token (AXS).

In Axie Infinity, there are two types of play: adventure and battle. Playing the game’s adventure or battle modes, you’ll accomplish objectives and battle other players.

Farmers in the Axie Infinity reality can produce SLP, which they can resell. In addition, the player vs. player leaderboard allows you to construct your avatars to engage in battle and collect AXS. It is also possible for Axies to sell for a significant amount of money and have their market.

Even though Axie Infinity contains a complicated ecosystem and economy, the game will likely take you a few hours of playtime to fully grasp its mechanics.

The Sandbox

Users of this blockchain-based game are given the opportunity to construct, craft, and otherwise thrive in a metaverse composed of blocks. Tokens of the in-game currency SAND can be purchased with real-world money by players of The Sandbox, who can then use these tokens to construct a home or a castle or embark on quests that award additional tokens.

Gamers are encouraged to take part on the platform by The Sandbox, which is a game that combines elements of inventiveness, strategy, and survival skills. Players can buy and sell non-fungible tokens. The more stuff that gamers construct, the higher the level that they are able to progress to.


A virtual reality application called Decentraland allows users to create their 3D worlds by purchasing land and constructing it on the platform. From developing a different game to opening an online storefront, players can do whatever they want with the land they own in the game. Alternatively, a person can pay other players to keep their land safe while away from the game.

To purchase and keep the Decentraland MANA token, a user must first have an Ethereum wallet. After that, they’ll be able to start taking part in the platform’s activities.

Gods Unchained

Users can acquire NFT cards to battle against one another in this play-to-earn game built on blockchain technology. The players take on the role of powerful entities known as “Gods,” each of whom has a skill set that is distinct from the others. These cards can be purchased with the in-game cash known as GODS, which can be acquired through prevailing in combat against other users of the game.