Most Prestigious Online Lot 2020: Should you be playing it?

Most Prestigious Online Lot 2020: Should you be playing it?

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Gambling in Vietnam is prohibited, except for the state-owned lotteries. There are three branches of the Vietnamese lottery- Central lottery council, northern lottery council, and southern lottery council. The Vietnamese lottery game has been developing for years as this is among the locals’ favorite activities, and also because it is super easy to purchase and play along.

You can easily spot the lottery ticket sellers across the streets. You can buy lottery tickets from these sellers. The ticket sellers keep approx 10% of the profit on the ticket price they sell. Remember not to get surprised if you find the tickets’ costs higher sometimes as the sellers need to earn more money to spend their lives efficiently and freely. Read more here to know about lô đề online uy tín nhất năm 2020.

Moreover, unlike online free slot games or darmowe gry 77777, it isn’t easy to sell all the tickets in Vietnam as they need to sell off all the tickets before 3 PM every day because the results come at 4 PM.

Types Of Lottery In Vietnam:

  • The quick draw game is also known as keno. It is a lottery game, that is the Vietnamese people’s favorite game. This game accounts for 6 percent of the total revenue. Experienced lottery players frequently play this game. This game is straight forward to play and has various prize columns. The players need to select the numbers they want to bet.
  • Digits Lottery Game is top-rated worldwide. This game accounts for seven percent of the total profit of Vietnam. Players need to choose between zero to nine to get a winning combination.
  • Lotto Game is the most famous and easy lottery game in Vietnam. That is 40 percent of the total income that comes from this game. Locals and foreigners are ardent lovers of this game. This requires the players to choose numbers, and their prizes and rewards depend on how many of their numbers match.

How To Play?

Playing Vietnamese lottery games is very easy to deal with. You need to check certain things like the name of the province being one of the main things to check. You could find it at the top of the photo. Moreover, you should keep a check on the date mentioned and, most importantly, the index, that is the numbers at the bottom of the ticket. The numbers are of six digits, which would determine whether you will win or not. You can review the lottery results on the stall books, sellers, or online.

Prizes You Get On Winning

You will win the 8th prize for 10000 VND if the last two digits end with 13. You get 200000 VND as the 7th prize. This keeps on increasing until all the six numbers match with your results. On matching, you will get the highest accolade of two billion VND. There is a special prize too if you win the 1st and the 2nd prize. The first prize is for those people who get the last five digits, the same as a result. You will receive 50 million VND if you get one number different from the special prize.

How do we exchange the winning money?

You might be thinking about where you could get your rewards and prizes on winning the lottery. If you won a 3rd or 6th prize, you could go and exchange them at the stall. If you earned a 7th or 8th position, you could swap that money with the lottery sellers. Winning the first prize is of great importance, and you can exchange the winning money at the gold stores or big stalls. These places are reliable, and they keep your winning information confidential.

If you won a mega prize, no matter which prize it is, you can collect those prizes from the Vietlott official stores. Doing this is the best as the individuals in the stores keep your information confidential and private. Having fun in Vietnam is too easy. All you need to do is buy lottery tickets to try your luck. If you win, it’s all good for you.

Payment Methods In Vietnam

Since there are no online lottery methods in the country, there are no online lottery sites for payments. However, online sites that accept online payments do offer online possibilities for costs. These online sites provide safe and easy methods of money transactions, which makes playing on the sites much easier and safer. They accept payment in form of credit cards, Visa, black cards and Mastercard.


The truth is there are no secret tips or tricks to win the Vietnamese lottery, especially lotto games. For winning these lotteries, you only need to know how exactly a lottery works. Remember to buy more and more tickets to increase your chances of winning. Don’t take pride in winning one or two lottery games, as every figure in the Vietnamese lottery has an equal chance of being chosen as a winning figure. Being physically present during the draw is the most important tip we could give you to win the lottery.