Most Popular Slot Machine Games Online

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At the heart of 21st-century casino gaming sits the slot machine games majestically, and of course, with the advancement of technology and the subsequent advent of the internet, casinos have moved online and with it: the slot games.

This means one can sit in the comfort of their homes or wherever without ever visiting a land casino still play and enjoy the thrilling fun slot games offer.
Just as with anything else, some slot games have over the years proven to be fans favorites, they’ve become popular due to their engaging content, solid graphics and artwork, enthralling sounds, and definitely big wins and bonuses.

In this article we’ll list out the most popular slot machine games online and the best part is, one can play these free slots at

So if you’re ready to play, here we go…

Zeus’s Fortune

This slot machine game is easily the most popular on the internet today. Though a classic themed modern game it has over the years inspired the launch of new slot game titles.

Set in the high mountains of the gods, play the game to share in the riches of the gods while enjoying soothing orchestral music as you play.

Hit a bonus and play a free spin that improves your odds of winning big.

Devil’s Choice

Devil’s choice slot machine game online is exclusive at the Caesars free to play platform with a simple, unique concept that makes it easy for even the newbie online gamer to get a handle on pretty quickly.

It features one reel five symbol setup that allows the player collect coins as they climb the ladder to the mega win.

The immersive tournament structure of Caesar’s casino slot game, the Devil’s Choice, draws you in, offering the thrill and fun gamers crave, hence no wonder it ranks among the most popular slot game on the internet.

Goldmine Bang

Dive in and join in the rush for gold; relive the old’ days in the Wild West with this masterfully designed slot machine game.

As usual with Caesars’ slots the Goldmine Bang has all the features that make your gaming time memorable and of course, one can play for free.

The game is gold digging themed with symbols representing tools needed in search of this precious gem.

Captain Pelican

Take charge of your ship in this slot machine by solving puzzles that lead to winning big on the machine.

Place your bet to activate the puzzle bonus. Depending on the amount you wagered, up to seven puzzle pieces will appear hence boosting your chances completing a goal in time to trigger the pick’em bonus to win a coin reward.

Wild Howl

A superb game from the makers of foxtrot follies, this slots chart-topping game is set in the thick dark backcountry with the spine-chilling howl of wolves cheering you on.

Have your wits about you, your hairs raised as you spin the reel to mega winnings. The wild howl takes you into the fun but wild world of wolves as you make your way to decent winnings.

So, there you have it, our most popular slot machine games you can play online.