Most Popular Pokemon Trading Card Game Expansions

Most Popular Pokemon Trading Card Game Expansions

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The Pokemon brand has been growing in popularity because of the addition of expansion packs on a regular basis. It is a great card game for someone that is looking to be competitive and have fun at the same time. It is easy to pick up the TCG Mechanics even if you’ve only played video games and not the cards. Expansions have been introducing new cards to the TCG scene. The GX cards were seen to be the biggest game-changer as they ushered the dawn of Tag Team Variants. Here are some TCG expansions worth exploring.

XY Roaring Skies

These cards are best suited for beginners and collectors alike. The collection has ultra-rare and full-art cards if you happen to be a big fan of Rayquaza. The cards mainly revolve around Mega Evolution form. Players have the chance of pulling up a variation of up to six times for the Rayquaza-EX. One downside that is worth noting is that the rate of duplicates is high.

Ancient Origins

The cards came around just before the Break Expansions. It was a culmination of the “XY” release before everything changed because of the BREAK cards. It is also one of the popular Pokémon card sets and there will be no regrets adding them to your collection. It has an astonishing number of Pokémon-EX cards even with just 100 cards to the whole set. It is a great option for a beginner or mid-tier competitor given the high ratio of special energy cards.

XY BREAKthrough

The XY BREAKthrough played an important role in TCG as they pioneered the Pokémon BREAK cards. XY BREAKthrough isn’t like the normal Pokémon-EX cards because there is the requirement of the evolution mechanic in order for them to work. A good example is when playing BREAK Chesnaught. It will be a requirement to possess a Chesnaught first before anything else. The deck has a total of 35 BREAK cards. Initially, there were 29 as the six new ones were included with BREAKthrough. Even with all these considered, you shouldn’t expect to have an excellent pull rate when compared to other options on the list.

XY Fates Collide

It is considered to be the third addition to the “XY BREAK series despite the word “BREAK” not being included in the name. For this expansion, the emphasis is on Pokémon Zygarde and Mega Alakazam-EX on all the different forms. It is possible to go on a battle with Zygarde, the rock dog. One of the best aspects of this expansion pack is level pulls in the tournament. It saw the introduction of Umbreon and the Altaria which are some of the most coveted Pokémon-EX cards among competitive players.

Sun & Moon Forbidden Light

This is the sixth edition coming from the Sun and Moon series which has become a favorite among collectors. There is a special emphasis on the Ultra Beasts while focusing on Kalos region Pokémon instead of Alola.

Pokémon-GX cards have the lowest number of Pokémon-GX cards. Despite this fact, there is a total number of 26 Pokémon-GX cards out of a possible 146 from the set. Beginners will also find it fun with the introduction of five new prism Star Cards.


It is hard not to sell Nostalgia. The Generations series was released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon brand. It is hard to imagine that it has been more than 20 years since the Pokemon franchise was established. The set boasts of having 115 English cards with Generation I Pokémon. This shouldn’t be seen as a drawback as it offers a lot more. The collector’s box is perhaps the main attraction with this expansion pack. It should be noted that Generation I Pokémon is not available for the current XY series. This can make it a little bit difficult to justify the price tag.

XY Steam Siege

With this installment, you can expect a mixture for the not so old and the old XY expansions. This is the expansion that reinvents the dual-type cards from the old. In addition to the 7 BREAK cards, you can expect to get the normal ratio of the Pokémon-EX cards.

Black & White Legendary Treasures

This collection contains up to 16 Pokémon-EX pulls going back to the Radiant Collection. If you like to collect rather than battle, it will be pleasing to know that this collection has one of the highest numbers of holographic cards. The high retail value means that it is a rare collection and can fetch up to $500 on Amazon.