Most Important Baccarat Phrases – Slang – Glossary

Most Important Baccarat Phrases – Slang – Glossary

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Playing baccarat at a professional level is possible only if you are well-versed in the rules, know the basic concepts of the game and own unique slang. Only in this way will you understand what is happening at the table and stay involved in the gameplay without thinking that you are in a hopeless situation.

We have compiled a list of the most common concepts used in baccarat. They will be relevant for live baccarat in online casinos and table games in land-based gambling halls. You should find out more details on this page about the game before sitting at the card table.


This general term is used in many card games in land-based and online casinos. It describes the total amount of money a player wagered during a gaming session. Also, this concept often describes a bet or bet in a game.


This concept refers to the worst hand in the game. Baccarat is translated from Italian as “zero.” As a result, the concept sounds when the player or banker has “0” in his hands after the distribution – a combination of tens or face cards.


From Spanish, it word is translated as “Bank” or “Banker.” So in baccarat, they call the dealer or the player responsible for the card distribution during the game round.

Banco Prime

This is one of the privileges of the players who sit at the table next to the dealer. If more than one player at the table has bet on the “Banker,” the nearest seated person will have the right to call the banker’s bet.

Banker Bet

This is one of the varieties of bets in baccarat, and it does not in any way represent the interests of the gambling site or the person directly responsible for distributing cards at the table. The bet is paid out with a coefficient of 1 to 1, while the casino takes 5% of the winnings in its favor.

According to statistics, the bet on the banker wins more often – 45.843% compared to 44.615%.

In baccarat, there are also bets on the Player and the Tie. The latter is paid out with a coefficient of 8 to 1, but it is undesirable to bet it because of the minimum probability of winning.

Baccarat en Banque

One of the varieties of baccarat, in which the game is played at double tables. The banker sits in the middle and plays with one bet against two players. This type of game is common in Europe but is scarce in American casinos.


This concept refers to the amount of money the player has in his hands and intends to spend on bets. It is also generalized and used in many gambling games.


Burning is one of the actions that is performed before the cards are dealt. Immediately after the shuffle, the dealer discards the deck’s first 3-6 cards.

Le Grande and Le Petite

These terms refer to the best hands in the game of baccarat. Le Grande is French for “big hand,” a concept applied to a hand with a natural nine.

Le Petite is French for “small” and refers to a hand that has scored 8 points after being dealt.

These concepts are mainly used in European casinos. They are rarely heard in Las Vegas.

Dragon 7 and Panda 8 Bets

This is the name of the side bets that can be made in the game EZ Baccarat. This is one of the varieties of the classic game in which small bets are predominantly made. You will not be able to play this baccarat in high-limit casino rooms.

Dragon 7 – A bet that the dealer can collect 7 points in his hand with the help of three cards. Such an outcome has a low probability – 2.2%. In this case, the winnings on it are paid with a coefficient of 20 to 1.

The bet Panda 8 is placed on a player. It will play if 8 points out of three cards are scored in the hands player. If you win, you can immediately increase your initial bet by 25 times.

The probability of such an outcome is also low – about 3.4%, with a house edge of 10.19%.


In blackjack, the best outcome is to collect two cards in your hand – 10 and an ace. In total, they give 21 and guarantee a victory in the round. This combination is called “natural blackjack.”

There are similar combinations in the game of baccarat. Naturals are considered 8 and 9 points collected from the first two cards. They are very likely to guarantee you a victory in the round.

If a player has made a natural nine or eight in his hand, the weak hand is not allowed to add on points using the third card.

You can get additional payouts for various points in some types of baccarat. For example, a natural nine gives a coefficient of 3 to 1, and a natural eight gives 2 to 1, respectively.