Money in the World of Warcraft – History, Deflation, Features For Players

Money in the World of Warcraft – History, Deflation, Features For Players

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World of Warcraft is a legendary game that has a huge number of fans all over the world. The story, which is gaining new momentum, is regularly updated and growing, has remained popular for many years. This is not only an iconic game, it is also a stable, iconic game brand.

The world of Warcraft is so deep and multifaceted that we can talk about it endlessly. Therefore, today we propose to focus on the topic of in-game currency. It is important for every player to understand the value of currencies and the way how money works inside the game. Let’s look at currencies in World of Warcraft, its history, deflation and features. Let’s go!

Money in the World of Warcraft – what is it?

What is money in the framework of the game World of Warcraft? Money is a number of copper coins, silver coins, gold coins, or a combination of any three types of coins. The current total number of coins of each player is shown in the lower right corner of the backpack.

Obviously, the in-game currency performs many functions. Players can spend money from merchants buying various items, send them to other players, place bids and buy-outs at auction. You can also use them to improve class skills, professions, as well as for less significant things, such as buying cells in a bank, buying a second specialization.

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How can the players get money?

If the options for how to spend money are very understandable, then it is usually more difficult to get the options for earning money. You can earn money by completing tasks. Players can also get money by selling items to sellers, through trading or mail from other players. Another way to earn money is to sell items at an Auction House.

If you put an item up for auction, you contribute to the item. Each item can be exposed for a certain amount of time, and the amount of the deposit also depends on this. There is a different deposit amount for each item. If an item is not bought from you or you cancel the auction, you lose your deposit.

It is really not easy to accumulate a large amount in World of Warcraft. In fact, this is the same task as in the real world. You will have to work hard, calculate and squeeze your plans and desires.

The history of coins

Previously, in the world of Warcraft, players used gold coins. However, the course of the plot led to the fact that silver and copper appeared as a result of the wars. Here, again, you can also see an analogy with the development of the real world. Everything is interconnected, the game is a separate reality behind its own laws, rules and patterns.

The exchange rate inside the game

The economy of World of Warcraft is so wide and multifaceted that it even has a kind of “exchange rate”. As we mentioned earlier, there are three types of coins in the game – copper coins, silver coins, and gold coins.

If you have collected 100 copper coins, the conversion will automatically determine 1 silver coin. If there are 100 silver coins, then 1 gold one. There is no exchange rate for gold coins, so you can have more than 99 gold coins.


Economic deflation is a fairly common process in the game worlds. Farmers and bots growing gold have a huge impact on the economy of the local world. First of all, this is influenced by the sale of items at auction at low prices.

Of course, this does not suit the players terribly. Such a process devalues the players’ own items. For example, the launch of the Burning Crusade in March 2021 had the expected impact on the game’s economy. So, many level 70 players have received gold reserves exceeding 10,000. Before that, only some participants in the game could see more than 1 or 2 thousand while at level 60.

As a result, auction prices have increased and items have become even more expensive than usual. Another consequence of the Burning Crusade was that the market was replenished with “high” level items, such as the Brilliant Chromatic Scale, the price of which was already significantly decreasing. Now these items are worth much less than before the Burning Crusade. This means that players who were unable to sell them before the expansion was released lost quite a lot of in-game money. Of course, the average level of wealth is not affected by auction house transactions, but many players were upset by price fluctuations.

The economic system of the World of Warcraft

The economy of such a large-scale and deep game will always develop. As in any developed network, events will affect the course of all processes in the same way as the launch of Burning Crusade.

Experienced players of World of Warcraft recommend evaluating your auctions based on market value, and not just for the sake of completing their plans. We need to try to think globally and broadly, to dig deep. Build your own strategy and tactics. Although the negative impact on the gameplay of other players technically contradicts the Terms of Service, it is generally accepted that low prices are not taken into account because they do not affect the average well-being of players in your world.

It is also generally accepted that undervaluing is very annoying, as it will be difficult for other players to sell items at the right price, and this may even reduce the value of the item you are selling. However, lowering the price to 10% of the market value is acceptable.

Thus, we see not just a game, but the real world with its own rules and currency. The world of Warcraft continues to impress and fascinate gamers around the world with its rich world, exciting storyline and the opportunity to immerse yourself in virtual reality. The game’s plot allows fans to acquire many opportunities for exploration, battles and interaction with other players, making each adventure unique.

The game is constantly being updated and developed, surprising fans with new content and challenges. Players find here not just a plot and game tasks, but a whole exciting world! We are waiting for new adventures and opportunities that the future of this amazing universe will bring.