Monetize Your Skills And Passion For Video Games As A Beginner

Monetize Your Skills And Passion For Video Games As A Beginner

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Who said you couldn’t make money while having lots of fun? If video games are an irresistible passion, then you can collect some cool bucks by monetizing your love in the game, and it’s all legit. I’ll shortly show you how that’s possible.

The video game industry presents a whole new range of hustles you can run as a freelancer or on a full-time basis and make money. Even if you’re a greenhorn, we’ll show you various ways of cutting your teeth into the industry. You can monetize your passion for video games despite a lean budget. Top off your cash by reaching out for small business loans from fintech lenders in the market.

The Future Of Video Games Industry

Gaming is burgeoning and is giving the movies industry a run for its money. In 2021, the gaming market commands revenues of $175.8 billion, and that’s projected to be over $200 billion in 2024. That’s a massive leap. Mobile gaming will be responsible for at least half of these figures.

Besides furtherance in mobile technology, key elements will play a critical role in shaping the next phase of video games.

  • 5G high-speed internet connectivity to eliminate game lag
  • Increased reliance on Cloud Gaming. You can plug into gaming videos without having to invest in sophisticated devices since the games are cloud-based.
  • Advancement of immersive technologies that create virtual and augmented reality through the video gaming experience.
  • Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Coaching Video Games For Fans

The average video game coach makes $20 per hour, with top earners making more than double that figure. One fun way to monetize your skill is to motivate players to be their best by offering coaching services in the video game you’re incredibly skilled in.

Draw in an audience through social media platforms and a YouTube channel where you demonstrate your expertise. You can run clips on YouTube that offer resourceful tips that prove you’re an expert in the game you offer coaching services, such as Call of Duty or League of Legends.

Popularize your channel by having valuable content and optimizing your content for SEO. Consider working with expert digital marketers to make the most of your online media.

Create A Blog Specialized On Video Games Reviews

Blogging is another excellent way to monetize your passion for video games. By creating a blog that specializes in video game reviews, you can attract a pool of enthusiasts and share with them resourceful reviews of their favorite video games.

Running a video games review blog isn’t for the faint-hearted. Think about competing with leading lights in the industry like Gamespot and IGN, who are revered video game reviewers. Nonetheless, the opportunity is vast, and the market is expanding exponentially. Step out in confidence and present your detailed and resourceful reviews. There’s a market waiting.

You can monetize your blog through Affiliate Marketing, Pay per Click (PPC) advertising, selling ad space, or running an e-store on your blog to sell gaming products. Such products may include your tuition videos, ebooks, or gaming equipment.

Apply for small business loans if you need extra cash to help you set up and market a blog.

Make Video Games Tutorials In Online Platforms

Making video games tutorials is another impressive way to monetize your skills and passion for video games. Link your YouTube channel to your AdSense account and select the advertisements that Google should run on your track. They could run videos or banners as your video game tutorials run.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme as it takes enormous traffic to make money. Nonetheless, it can be an excellent passive source of income if you can hack it and command impressive traffic to your channel. Creating resourceful content, making regular updates, optimizing your page for SEO, and effective marketing are all ways of driving traffic to your site.


The future of video gaming is bright for anyone who wants to monetize their video gaming skills. You can start a video gaming business with the right skills set, equipment, drive, and a reasonable budget. You can create a video game tutorial, run a blog that reviews the latest video games, or offer online video gaming coaching services.

There are fintech companies that are willing to advance small business loans to entrepreneurs who would want to invest in this fast-growing industry to enable you to kickstart your business and monetize your passion for video games.