Monday Night Monsters Football Official Page

Monday Night Monsters Football Official Page

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Monday Night Monsters is an upcoming game on both iOS and Android in collaboration between PlayPlayFun and SpotCo



  • #1 in Top Paid New Sports Games in Google Play USA
  • #13 in Top Paid Sports Games in Google Play USA

Game info

Release Date: 20 January 2016
Platform: iOS and Android

Monday Night Monsters Football is an exciting arcade game that features a combination gameplay of American Football and Handball with a unique dual control systems. Call a timeout to pause your game to strategize your game plan. Switch into action mode to run the play while controlling your ball handler. Are you going to rush, pass or try to score a goal and break the deadlock?

Do not neglect your defense. Block, tackle and try to intercept the ball. Prevent your opponent from scoring that precious winning goal!

★ Rush like a Running Back
★ Pass like a Quarterback
★ Call your game plan like a Coach
★ … and Score Goals like a Champion!

Monday Night Monsters Football tests you into 3 tie-breaker situations with progressive difficulty. Are you going to be the winning goal scorer hero or the dud who throw an interception that cost the game?


  • Turn based gameplay to strategize and devise your game plan
  • Run your game plan live while controlling the ball handler
  • 3 modes of progressively increasing difficulty
  • Sharp and vibrant graphics
  • Intuitive control
  • In-game tutorial
  • High replayability!

Gameplay Trailer

Announcement Trailer

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