Mobile Gaming Favourite Genres

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Mobile is shaping up to be the platform the lead the way for future gaming as a whole, in many ways it has completed replaced the handheld gaming craze of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, and whilst games are still more on the simplistic side, there are signs that this could soon be changing too as hardware continues to improve and the possibility for more complex titles reaching our phones doesn’t seem all that far off. But with so many different genres and game types available, which are amongst the favoured for mobile players?

Puzzle & Platformer games – The two genres quintessentially associated with handheld devices in the earlier years, the same still remains true today. Whilst either can be extremely simple in style, they can be much more complex in substance providing games that can seem deceivingly long as well as full of challenges. Both genres will continue to be the favourite so long as the same approach can be taken, and with bigger and newer games looking to follow this same path in some regards it may not be long until some triple A type titles become more readily available too.

Online casinos – Of the latest big trends, online casinos have certainly found a surge in mobile users as technology has allowed more complex games to make their way to our smaller devices – whilst dedicated apps still remain a little less available as marketplaces tend not to favour gambling, new slot games for free online amongst many others are widely available across a wide number of sites. With recent legalisation efforts too, similar wagering methods will become available too as sports betting is also starting to spread in a similar way and may begin to match many of the other big genres.

Emulated games – Our mobile devices are much more powerful than earlier consoles, and many of us always have the feeling of nostalgia when looking back to titles of our childhood that may have been otherwise inaccessible – thankfully, the use of emulation has allowed these games to be played in all of their glory once again on modern devices and often with small fixes here and there to iron out problems with their initial releases. As many gamers are in a bit of a retro phase right now too, it’s no surprise that classics from back in the day are starting to make their own comeback.

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Change might come quickly, however, newer technologies like augmented and virtual reality are certainly making waves and it seems mobile may be a huge target for both, whether or not they can be well integrated in games that have some longevity is yet to be seen, but they certainly could change the gaming landscape for good – and given the ease of accessibility, it’s not at all surprising that mobile gaming is the most represented across all markets, and across all demographics.