Minesweep Hollow 3D is a casual puzzle game by HF Studio based on the classic mine-sweeping game.


Minesweep Hollow 3D is a unique combination of 3D and low-poly. Players may drag and pull the scene to explore while enjoying the melodious back ground music in a vivid thunderstorm. Difficulty and scale of each stage advances as player goes deeper into the game. Players are challenged step by step.

Come and enjoy the fun of minesweeping!


Remember the classic game Minesweeper from back in the days of the early Windows? It was one of the most simplest addictive and surprisingly addictive game when it came out.

Minesweep Hollow 3D is the latest rendition of minesweeper from the developer of the arcade classic shooter game, Lightning Duru.

Mouse Control:
1. Short left click - open a tile
2. Long left click - mark bombs or remove bomb marks

Overall, if you like Minesweeper, Minesweep Hollow 3D is a similar game that should give you some nostalgic value. However, we wish that the game can provide the option to rotate the board as sometimes it is difficult to see due to everything is in 3D format.

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