Mind Breaker Coloruzzle Game

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Mind Breaker Coloruzzle Game by Pictolabra is a puzzle game with a new type of gameplay.

Developer's Description:
Tired of thousands of similar Match-3, 2048 and Dots games? Try brand new conundrum gameplay right now absolutely free. Extend points to each other and mix their colors together to get the final one! We are sure you have never this type of gameplay before. Break your mind trying to solve levels from last pack.

PlayPlayFun's Impression of Mind Breaker Coloruzzle Game:
September 2015 is shaping up to be a good month for puzzle game fans. Shortly after Green Me and Acritas, PictoLabra's Coloruzzle is knocking on our door. Much like the other 2 games, the gameplay is the element of the game that will bring in players. Coloruzzle is intuitive. The level's progression is enough to guide players on how to play the game. Coloruzzle is yet another enjoyable puzzle game with a fresh gameplay concept.

We, at PlayPlayFun, enjoy the mechanic of this game. The 21 levels that are available on this free version is definitely not enough for us!

App version features:

  • 4 packs with a total of 224 levels

Mind Breaker Coloruzzle Game