Miaou Moon

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Action Adventure Promoted Collection WebGL

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Miaou Moon game by Agent Mega is a puzzle platformer game about surviving the outer space and gathering enough food to make it home.

**Miaou Moon is 60MB in size and it might load slowly depending on your internet speed

You are Captain Miaou, traveling back to your planet with a cargo full of high energy food. Hit by a meteorite, you’re ejected and your food scattered all around 5 orbiting moons.

How will you survive, lost in space?

Your only chance of survival is to grab energy food to propel yourself forward. Too few energy and you'll starve to death, too much and you'll explode! When you eat, your cat gets stronger and bigger, but deflates each time you propel. Playing with gravity when you can only bump in two directions can be tricky.

Make way through 5 moons displaying different physical properties, time your jumps accordingly and tweak your catsuit to survive!


  • 60 Levels
  • 5 moons with different gravities and bounciness
  • Extensive Upgrade system: suit capacity, visor, weighted armor, propulsor, claws, heal pack.
  • Find Hidden levels
  • Challenge Huge bosses
  • Overcome obstacles as you progress: pikes, bumpers, magnetic winds, glue, teleports, flaming rocks, laser beams, stalling zones, various monster types, etc.
  • Deep gameplay

Everything about Miaou Moon is unique - the title of the game, the astronaut cat, the setting of the game. If you are a cat person, it's easy to fall in love with the game for its cuteness and charm. So, let the game start.

As soon as the game starts, you will soon realize that the game is not as easy as it looks. The game has a lot to do with resource management and calculated move in order to get your next resources to keep you alive. Miscue several moves and it might spell doom for your cute kitty.

The game forces you to make a decision as to when to use the energy to propel yourself little by little to get closer to your destination while, at the same time, collecting energy blocks to keep yourself going. You can also do an attack to the planet's inhabitants if you want. However, attacking an enemy is difficult as you will need to be close enough to them to attack. For this reason, we tend to keep our cat hero's claws tuck in.

Overall, Miaou Moon's theme and artwork demonstrates a lot of cute factor and charm that should attract the targeted group. However, the steep difficulty level might be a turn off for casual gamers. I would suggest the developer to tone down the difficulty, at least for the first several levels.

Miaou Moon