Message Quest

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Message Quest by Maria Kravtsova is a tiny stained-glass point-n-click adventure riddled with mini games and puzzles.

Download an exclusive PC demo with a total of 5 playable levels here at PlayPlayFun!
Windows - 65.74MB

The full version of the game on steam has 16 scenes with over 1 hour worth of gameplay.

It takes a hero to save the world. And to find that hero first. When the dark time comes, a Bummer, a pregnant Innkeeper and her 5 children have to go in an adventure to deliver the message. Usually it`s not a big deal so what could possibly go wrong?

Why and where have all the heralds from the Interworld’s Herald Order gone? Feste didn’t even notice! He wants to sleep, and he wants a sandwich, but his evil employer makes him work hard and deliver the last message to the dying world.


  • Main gameplay – classic adventure mechanic, indirect control
  • Puzzles with a classical mechanics (jigsaw puzzle, memory test, etc.).
  • Bossfights in JRPG style but more casual. Every character has stubbornness instead of hit points and attacks with funny action like a tantrum - more about a fan than a challenge.
  • You can choose dialogues for the both characters

From the web demo that is available which features 4 scenes with about 15 minutes of gameplay, Message Quest leaves a good impression. From the stained-glass mosaic design to the little animation detail of Feste reluctance when you drag him, the developer has done a terrific job to make the game feels like a cartoon show.

Characters' development in Message Quest is loud and clear. Dialogues between the characters are easy to follow and some can be quite amusing.

As mentioned in the developer's description, Message Quest will keep players entertain by adding in quite a number of mini games. It is definitely a welcome addition to provide variety to the game.

In summary, Message Quest has plenty of appeal and variety to give you a reason to play. I hope the variety and appeal will continue on to the full version. So, are we excited for the release of the full version? MOST DEFINITELY!

**Please note that this web demo is large (72MB)***

Message Quest