Memo Boxes

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Arcade HTML5 Promoted Collection

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Memo Boxes is a challenging free to play 2D game to prove that your brain works and memorizes better than anyone else's!

Try yourself in a challenging free to play 2D android game, prove that your brain works better than anyone else's!

  • Challenging exercise, make your mind think faster and remember more!
  • Amazing graphics!
  • In-game shop, play and customize your game for gems you have collected!
  • A mix of arcade and logic, instant fun!

Memo Boxes not only test your memory skill, but also your multitasking skill! You have to watch the gems behind the cards so that it would not reach the top limit. While you are doing this, you also need to watch out for the incoming cards and remember their sequence.

After playing several rounds, I feel the level progression of this game is somewhat too fast. In level 1, you are to memorize 3 cards, level 2 immediately adds to 4 cards and, finally, 5 cards at level 3. I think it might be better to start with memorizing 1 card at level 1 and 2 cards at level 2 and 3 and so on. The same goes for the speed of the falling gems. It should be somewhat slower on the first few levels.

Now, let's talk about the power ups. I find myself saving my mana for only the fire spell as it will destroy ALL gems and thus avoid game over. The wind is nice in the earlier part of the game, but becomes much less useful than the fire spell. I hardly use the freeze spell at all because I feel, with only 30 more manas, I can get the fire spell and destroy all gems.

In summary, playing Memo Boxes will really get your brain going and force you to concentrate! Probably a good game to play on Monday morning to get your brain jump started for a tough day ahead!

Memo Boxes